busby-seo-challenge-top-100.jpgWhen I was doing my usual surfing on the net this evening, while the storm hits our province, I decided to check my entry on busby seo challenge keyword contest by Busby Web Solutions. I found out that I managed to make this new website (at about 3 weeks old domain) to be included on the top 100 for the said keyword. Actually at exact rank 100. Even it is on the end of the ranking I’m quite satisfied because I understand that I finally will be included on tomorrow’s official Busby SEO Challenge leaderboard.

Wee, I feel that I almost win the said SEO challenge or hit a jackpot even if I only manage to be on position 100. Well at least I made it to the leaderboard and shows to the world that a Filipino can make it to the top of an elite SEO competiton. Maybe by next week, I’ll be on top 50, it’s free to dream and I want to dream big! 😀

Update: After the storm and 3 nights of no internet my rank dropped again outside the top 100. sigh…

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