Last Saturday, I’ve been to Iloilo to enroll my masteral studies for MSCS course. I have seen how the province was hurt by the recent Typhoon Frank that hits them last June. Lot of houses were flattened to ground and some sugar plantation were flooded with mud and started dying. I also overheard from other passengers how fast the flood rose during the typhoon. Water rose as high as 3 feet in just several minutes of non-stop rain and then covered their houses immediately after a hour.

This only shows what people did in nature. Naturally trees prevent this kind of instant flood and land slides but due to “human activities” such as illegal logging and non-stop quarrying, nature started to become unable to protect people. See how nature fights back to this kind of abuse. Global warming, flash floods, landslides and other kind of natural disasters. People don’t realize that this things happens because of what they have done to our environment.

I hope the government will do something to restore natures natural “human protection” and build a better place to live in without fear of getting rushed by floods and muds. And I also wished that people should realize that they need to do their part to protect our environment. By protecting our environment we protect ourselves!

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15 years ago

The sad part is that the people living around these areas didn’t get anything from the illegal logging activities… The culprits are sound asleep in their mansions. Besides how can the government do anything about this when they are the ones behind these activities 🙁

On other note, I was appalled when I saw a snippet of KC Concepcion’s interview on TV regarding the rice storage in Mindanao flooded and lost about 200 sacks of rice. There she said that “we” get our rice abroad and not from within. That’s really pathetic of us. I’ve known for quite sometime that we became an importer rather than an exporter of a resource that we mainly produce in the country.

I guess the beautiful green scenery of Iloilo is now gone, huh? I especially love looking at their ricefields (while passing by) every time I get a chance to visit that province (but I refrain because of bad roadway from Capiz).