When I peeked on the leaderboard for the Busby SEO Challenge today from Busby’s leaderboard and on Google’s search result on the said keyword, the usual leaders were the same SEO masters who leads last month’s result. I don’t even see any Filipino entrants who reaches first page of the SERP. I don’t know if any of the Filipino SE Optimizer can do something about this challenge but they are doing anything to belong to this elite SEO challengers.

Let see about this challenge and for the meantime, here’s the top ten teams / individuals who leads the Busby keyword challenge:

  • Sphereteam
  • Litereview
  • Vol-De-Papillon
  • Pogung
  • ImFreakz.com
  • Chasing5000
  • Morgan
  • Kookaburra
  • Semarang
  • XoonCo.com
  • Globalwarming-awareness2k7.info
  • Pontillas – the sole Filipino who manage to break in top 10 as of the today’s ranking.

For my entry, well as usual it is not even on the 2nd page and I’m not quitting but I’m just about to accept it. Accept that I need to learn more about this SEO thing and exert more effort to overcome this challenge.

Update (07/27/2008):

Recently this website gain a Google PageRank 3 but it does not affect its position on the SERP. However my higher rank that I ever have for this blog was rank #33 but now it keeps on falling and it seems that it can’t hold any grip on the result pages. My only consolation is that at least I gain an increase in traffic and page importance. Well, I will keep on the Busby SEO Challenge and will never give up until the last moment of the contest!

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