Today, I decided not to attend my masteral class in Iloilo and its because of some personal problem. My son is in the hospital for having a rubella or german measles and he’s about to be discharged from the hospital. After I take my lunch today in a mall in the province, I decided to check my emails and my entries to the Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 SEO event in an internet cafe on the said mall. While surfing, I’ve seen two young children that is using the computer. I am exactly between them. The two child is about below 6 years old. They are playing a violent RPG game, specifically the Grand Theft Auto. I am not playing this kind of game not because I don’t like this game but I can’t find time to play for any kind of games.

What I don’t understand is why they are allowing this kind of game to be played by this young mind. We all know that the said game promotes illegal activities and other violent negative actions. Well on what I have observed, it seems that the two young boys love the game much and very impressed with the bloody pictures they are seeing on their screens and they even utter bad words as like as plain part of their language. The two young boys love hitting the police officer on the game and even said the phrase that “we should shoot the police officer so that we can escape from the crime that we’ve made.” I was actually shocked from what I have heard from this young boys and I am really bothered.

I am not familiar with the city ordinance or whatsoever law about this but I think they should have this to protect young minds from possible side effect cause by this game. If the government can’t do anything about this then I think the parents of this children should do something about it. Parents should not allow your young children to play such games (IMHO). Ah, what is happening with the society right now. I don’t know if I could protect my son from this but as long as I live I will try my best that my child would not be exposed to this kind of games.

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13 years ago

I totally agree with you sir! What has shocked me more is that, the owner of the computer shop allowed those young kids to play in their shop. Not to mention, the ESRB rating of GTA (any version) is M, meaning for Mature audience ages 17+ because of its depiction for sex and violence, blood gore, partial nudity, and use of drugs and alcohol.
I am not coming out clean for I also have a computer shop. But to attest same principle you have, I honestly do not admit kids below 10 and prevent them from playing any games they want. I discretely close games (not suited to their age) or internet browser (when i see them surfing porn or alike) remotely from my desktop. Then just lie about it and tell them the game they want is not working or I have to apply some patches first… : )