While roaming around the web and dropped in a certain blog (which I forgot already what’s the URL of the site), I found out about this new search engine optimization challenge from Netbuilders.org. The said competition targets for the key phrase “sulumits retsambew” which is the reverse for the phrase “webmaster stimulus.” The prizes at stake are $1,000 for rank #1, $500 for rank #2 and $250 for the 3rd prize. It seems lucrative and a lot of SEO specialists, practioners and masters already participated on the said challenge. It started last March 15, 2009 and will end this coming August 15, 2009. It is almost 5 months of optimization challenge.

I already registered two websites but I don’t know if I could manage to give time for this sulumits retsambew competition. I am too busy with other things. I am prioritizing my projects which is more practical and much responsible to do. Well, if in case I manage to get to page one later before August then I might decide to fully participate but that’s still far away from now for me to decide. So for the meantime, I will go on with my job. If you want to join on a short term competition which already started a month ago, you can participate to a competition which you can read the detail at http://claremontdesign.com/blog/. It will be concluded this May 1 and you can read the rest of the rules on the specified URL.


Sulumits Retsambew competitive have reached its final month and the race is getting hotter each day. Update you with the winners later.

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13 years ago

I heard you’re in top ten when the contest closed.
Congratulations …


[…] Sulumits Retsambew – This is a contest organized by Netbuilders.org and the phrase is the reverse of the actual phrase “webmaster stimulus.” It’s started last March 15 and will end by August 15, 2009. A lot of specialists already participated on this specially the prizes at stake is quite inviting which is about $1,750 in cash prize.  I don’t know if I could still keep up with this contest. The rules are open. No required links, no leaderboard and that’s my question: What’s the catch then? That’s why I am hesitant to do something on it. I am not sure if what to think about the competition. I might participate but targetting only to increase the page strength of my entries. […]