Update: New THEME added below.

Today, I decided to build a new template / theme for blogs on Blogger.com. What this Blogger template or theme special is for being ready of showing Google Adsense on every post and also for being a SEO friendly template for Blogger.com. It is a simple 3-Column black theme template. To see a sample blog that uses this theme, just click on the snapshot below.

Now, here’s how to install this free simple adsense-ready and SEO-friendly theme:

1. Download the theme on this location: Simple Adsense Ready Template. This file is a ZIP file. You should extract its content before you can use it.

2. Go to your Blogger account and sign-in.

3. At your Dashboard, click on the Lay-out tab and then click Edit HTML

4. You can see a portion on the page where you can upload a file. Upload the file extracted from the Zip file, specifically the black-adsense-ready.xml

5. To put your Google Adsense publisher code, (the code that is something like pub-12346789012345), just click on the Expense Widget Templates checkbox from the Edit HTML tab then look for the portion with pub- then replace it with your own publisher code.

6. Save all of your changes then you can start blogging. If you want to customize the sidebar, just click on the Page Elements tab and add all the gadgets that you want.

Adsense Ready Template
Adsense Ready Template

Here’s another theme which is originally designed by Tricks-Collection and revised it a little to make it more SEO friendly specially when it came to title tag. Aside from that the template can be easily customized as its widget are placed in a way that it will be easy for you to change.

Download SimpleTricksTheme HERE

Below shows the thumbnail of the theme. Just click it to see DEMO.

Originally designed by Tricks-Collection


  1. limakh

    thank you for your template it’s very nice, my bloggr was 6months over but after i sing up to adsense but still not get approval. What is the Pub code ? it’s mean adsense give the pub code after Approval? can tell me!

  2. J.R.

    How do I get the adsense code to show up next to a post like in your demo?

  3. Steph

    Nice template, but I would like to know more. What are the SEO benefits that your template can offer me?? And why is the h1, h2 etc not visible in the source code for the google robot to see?? Thanks

  4. peter

    Your theme is great! i’ve download this, but how to install them? when i install normally which showed wrong, and i tried to improt the xml file, which showed wrong too???thanks

  5. Ash

    hi, i use the second template, o would like to know whether you can give me the code for putting adsense ad in between the content (below the content) and on top of the related post?

  6. woow. nice template,,, i muwt download

  7. Muchas gracias, excelente template porque tengo el 15% de ctr con adsense.

  8. Hi, i’m using the 2nd template, the Tricks Seo adaptded theme, but Google is indexing me wrong, my posts apperas in the SERPS, but they do not appear entitled with their title, the title showed is the blogs title.

    Tnak you!

    1. @Guillem, make sure that you didn’t change the code on the area of the theme. I think it is just working fine, I’m using it to some of my personal blogs.

      1. I’ve solved that problem, but now photobucket images are looking bad and i can’t find the images to download and upload myself, could u help me?

        1. @Guillem, just updated the Theme and solved the photobucket issue. Download the theme again and use the new .XML. Thank you for pointing it out!

  9. thank you…
    i m using it for my blog

  10. Thank you very much for the updated template.

    I will use this template on my blog.


  11. Saya sudah coba, tapi mengapa kolom komentarnya tidak ada ? Bisakah anda memberi saran ?

  12. thats great template…. i like it. thanx for admin

  13. it’s a simple theme, but full perfomance.. thanks!

  14. Sam

    Great theme! Simple yet elegant.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  15. Great theme! Thanks for this! It saved me a hell lot of work!

  16. Simple to follow and easy implementation on a site.

  17. Its very nice template but its not worthy for me.google blocked me πŸ™ really sad….anyways a very useful template for adsense account holders ,may help them to earn more for sure….

  18. Great themes,
    i will use this template after blogger finished their maintenance

  19. awesome I download it right now

  20. Simple to follow and easy implementation on a site.

    1. aaryan

      sir its all nice but i have small problem in firefox browser.
      When i open my site in firefox all the images going totally to right corner in the post.
      plz help me
      in other browser every thing is fine

  21. I love this template. very simple but stylsih πŸ™‚

  22. nice theme.i want to download this theme πŸ™‚

  23. Thanks for nice collection. I am finding like some themes.I may use this for my site

  24. this is a good and very nice template with adsense ready….thank’z for share with us

  25. thats perrty nice template, any more for us…

  26. Hello,

    Nice theme, but where i edit the code for the 250*250 adsenses ??
    No widget, nothing in the code html ??


  27. u2y911

    Astig! Iba talaga ang pinoy saludo ako sayo at sa talent mo kapatid!

    Ipag patuloy mo lang ang sinimulan mo at susuportahan taka.

    gagamitin ko siya sa isa sa mga blog ko.

  28. Nice topic, I was looking this template but now I found it… Thanks

  29. crieshna

    good tmplete…

  30. Thanks a lot bleuken, thats working now, this is the best adsense theme.

    i would like to request you one thing, is it possible to change the google adsense ad from left to right,
    so that i can keep the content on the left side. and the ad on the right side

  31. your account on photobucket is inactive for more than 90 days, so they have cancelled the account and the theme is looking bad now .please try to fix the thing

    1. @kaushik, I think its working fine now. Thanks

  32. Thank you so much.. I have downloaded it but now I have a problem. It says that your photobucket account is nolonger active. How can I fix this?

    1. Thanks. I corrected the download link.

  33. Hello blueken does your template support the “read more” feature? thanks πŸ˜€

    1. @Eli, It is not supporting the “read more” feature but I think you can do that through Javascript but personally I don’t like it.

  34. seemon

    Great theme! Thanks for this! It saved me a hell lot of work!

  35. thanks bleuken you save my lot of time…

  36. Thanks for the template. I wonder why I can’t see any ads.

    1. @CD, I think the problem is on this line, remove this line on your ad code because G. Ads. automatically generate this line and you should not add this on your own:

      google_ad_host = “pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”;

      Good luck!

  37. yes, great one , i am using the same for my blog, really seo friendly, and nice, i am getting good traffic .

  38. The adsense inside article shown in above screenshot does not exist there is.. there is only one 160*600 adsense πŸ™

  39. good template, nice

    1. bleuken

      Hi, good template you have.

  40. hi, i just wanted to ask, why is it that my ads have been up since i parsed them but they don’t have any related and relevant ads in them? i want them to show ads related to getting glowing skin, i posted them 2 days ago thanks

    1. did you create a new ad from Google Adsense and replace the google adslot option from the created ad? try to replace it with that code.

  41. sop

    good template anda i m using it for my blog. thank you

  42. joe

    How to add a header image?

  43. mei

    thanks for the template

  44. Regarding google_ad_host = “pub-1599271086004685…oh ys we are actually wasting time creat adsense site with free blogspot.com. Blogspot.com is belong to google inc. It is free that why google take 0-75% of revenue we generate. πŸ™

    1. Hi myProfit! Actually even Blogspot or not G is still earning something from the ads. Its that what they’ve earned for providing such services to people and its just fine.

  45. Rohit

    How to add comment box at the bottom of the page please mention

  46. Rohit

    I like to add a color strip on categories so that my adsense ads will blend with it

  47. Umb666

    Glorious work.

  48. Rohit

    Do you have any other theme

    1. @rohit, i’m still working on it. Re: Directory submission, i don’t know what you mean but if it is linked on SEO, yeah it does still work.

  49. Rohit

    Directory submission works or not

  50. Rohit

    If I like to place 250×250 square google ad then what should I have to edit because this template made for only large rectangle ads at the left side in the post articles

    1. Create 250×250 from Adsense then copy the ad slot# and paste it on the template code at the portion where you can find google_ad_slot=”xxxxxx” then change google_ad_width and google_ad_height to 250.

  51. Rohit

    How to bring traffic for free any idea

    1. Usually I use this formula: quality content + inbound links – outbound links, its a SEO thing.

  52. Rohit

    How to block my adsense code if someone uses my code into another website which is against google policy

    1. At your adsense dashboard, go to Adsense Setup-> Allowed Sites. This is the place where you can allow or disallow sites to render your own ads.

  53. Rohit

    How and where I write “Sponsored Link” above the adsense code

    1. do you really need that? If its a gadget then you can edit on the Lay-out option of the dashboard. If is in the post, just type the word inside div

  54. Rohit

    What to write in google ad slot — my ad slot is different from this
    please tell

    1. @Rohit, create an adsense ad with the same size of the the ads. Then, just copy the ad slot from the code given by your account.

  55. This is good content. You should try to write more then about this topic. Thanks for sharing this with us. I bookmarked you at a bunch of sites, I’m sure you’ll get some more visitors. Thanks for the theme. I didn’t even realized you can change blogger themes.

  56. Great template man.. any plan to design another new template?

    1. I have plans but I’m still busy right now.

  57. Please tell me parsing adsense code is legal or illegal because in this template adsense code is parsed and I am scaring to put my adsense pub id.

    1. @Rohit, I think I found no problem with that. The theme was modified to make the rectangle box on the post to work and it doesn’t violate any terms or whatsoever.

  58. tinku


    I have uploaded the template and changed my adsense pub-id, but you have not told waht to change in google_ad_host and google_ad_slot look at these line

    google_ad_host = "pub-1599271086004685";
    google_ad_slot = "1969935798";

    in my adsense code script these lines are not there.

    please tell what to change in these lines,

    and one more thing when I expanded html in blogger I saw the parsed adsense code and when I looked into my blogger website by right click on the view source the parsed code is not there it simply looks like adsense code. I am scaring if it is against adsense TOS or policy.

    1. You can delete that line tinku. Actually Google automatically generate this line.

  59. Hey you have pharsed the adsense code please tell me it is againgt adsense policy because in the adsense ads script you have changed the script it looks like this

    <script type="text/javascript"><!–
    google_ad_client = "pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
    google_ad_host = "pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
    google_ad_slot = "xxxxxxxxxx";
    google_ad_width = 336;
    google_ad_height = 280;
    <script type="text/javascript"

    1. actually it does not. see when I approve your comment, it converts to the actual code and nothing have changed.

    1. @ibseo you can edit it if you want. Thanks for dropping by.

  60. AJ

    I tried downloading the template but it took forever . The download was unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong?

    1. @AJ, let me check on that. Did you unzip the file before uploading it to your blogspot blogs?

  61. Nice theme, very simple and clean. Thank for sharing the templates…

  62. Hai, thank your theme, i like it

    1. great. I will try to make more themes later for WordPress and Blogspot. Good luck with your online venture. πŸ™‚

  63. Wow! I think this template is exactly what I need in my new blog.
    I was looking for a template that is just a simple and a 3-column page.
    I will try to use it in my new blog. It’s about my journey of a β€œwanna be a seaman” working on board a ship. It’s a SeamansJourney blog.

    Thanks for sharing your template creation.

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  65. Job well done Sir Felix. I hope this is not the last to create a blogspot theme. I am looking forward for your more stuff here. I should use this one πŸ™‚

    1. I will try to make or revise more Blogger and WordPress themes, if I find some time.

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