Awoo, awoo… It’s’s 2nd month on cyberspace and I’m celebrating it right now by drinking a cup of coffee and eating my favorite snack, TLC Burger (Tender Loving Care Hamburger). The domain is exactly two months old right now and it already gain a lot of Entrecards and unique visitors. The word “a lot” on my statement means “more than one unique visitor” but does not mean a thousand, hehehe… 😀

Bleuken’s achievements and distinct events that is worth to mention:

  1. As of today, the website acquired the Google Page Importance of Page Rank 3. Its just plain luck, the time is on my side that time because Google incidentally update their tool bar PR and I was lucky enough to become one of those who have given the importance;
  2. As of this moment, my statistics according to STATPRESS wordpress plugin are: Total Visitors = 4,119 and Total Page Views = 17,894. Which majority of this visitors are from my own IP address, nah just kidding!
  3. My Alexa Ranking: 766,027. This was seven digit last month and I’m planning to make it up to at least two digits Alexa ranking, that will be a big dream.
  4. At the start of this blog, I use SPOTTT hoping to increase my page visibility on other websites and then increase the chance of clicking my site but yesterday I removed it. I think the blog can gain visitors without the help of SPOTTT, but I might change my decision later depending of the outcome of what I have done. Entrecard is still intact because I can see its “traffic generation” benefits.
  5. I have gain the highest rank 18 on the official leader board of Busby SEO Challenge for the said contest surpassing my old bleuken blogs that have ranks 44 ( and 88 (blogspot) respectively.

I’m expecting more to happen for the coming months and recently I’ve created a subdomain for this domain so that I can participate it on a new SEO contest called KABONFOOTPRINT from UK Webmaster World. I will post more about this event later. Hooray to me!

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15 years ago

happy 2nd monthsarry jobelle luv u poh!!