3rd Monthsarry

It’s September 7 today and I already forgot about the tradition I have started last month which is to have a short recap of what I have achieved and experienced within every month of my blogging life in bleuken.com. I am deeply into a certain contest lately and I am drafting rules & mechanics of […]

2nd Monthsarry

Awoo, awoo… It’s bleuken.com’s 2nd month on cyberspace and I’m celebrating it right now by drinking a cup of coffee and eating my favorite snack, TLC Burger (Tender Loving Care Hamburger). The domain is exactly two months old right now and it already gain a lot of Entrecards and unique visitors. The word “a lot” […]

1st Monthsarry!

Happy 1st Monthsarry to my website, weeh! It’s bee a month already since I have started this website and I’m really happy with how far this website have been. A lot of things that I have been made to this website to make it much more visible to search engines and readers all over the […]