Busby SEO Challenge News Update. That’s right everyone, the recent standing of Busby SEO Challenge states the dominance of asian countries on the said world wide SEO competition. The current result pages of Google for the keyword: Busby SEO Challenge shows that Pogung177.com/Aussie and IMFREAKZ.com who both grabbed the first to third positions, where all from Indonesia. They were followed by the French Team called Sphereteam which is the previous leading entry while one of the Filipino manage to go on top ten.

It is almost a week from now that the position of the said leaders are not shaking or changing. It seems that they are really fixed on their current ranks. I can’t seen any Filipino who enters the magic five of the challenge. That’s why I’m wondering why Filipinos are not visible on the said elite list of leading entrants. What seems to be the problem with the Philippine team. They used to lead this kind of challenge and I think maybe because this was seen by other countries so they prepared for it. So they’ve given all of their resources so that nobody from the Philippines will be visible on the leading group of experts.

One reason that Filipino participants were not able to excel on this is that they saying that there were too busy dealing with their own business and they have no time left to keep up with this hussle of proving to other countries their expertise. Is that true or just a way of saying that they can’t handle the leaders and fight them to the top? I don’t believe that I know that Filipinos can do it if they will only do it TOGETHER as a team helping each other. Actually they already proved it to the last SEO contest aside from this Busby SEO Challenge that they can steal this victory. In my opinion, if they will UNITE and give every Filipino participants the FULL SUPPORT they need to rise against this conqueror of this challenge, they will surely surpass this kind of predicament.

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