Back in 1996 when I started using the internet, the first search engine I used was Yahoo! I found it’s URL on a computer-related magazine at school so I’ve used it to search things on the net. But I used it more on chatting rather than searching. That was before I discovered a simple looking search engine named Google. At first glance, you will see the site as like has no use or does not mean anything because of it’s one blue graphics logo and I’m used to graphical websites that time. When I started using it to search for a topic, I realized then that despite its simplified appearance it can search really fast.

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15 years ago

I like Google search and they have decided to keep their search page plain, even if they have grown to be a nice portal of freebies like Yahoo. Users can opt to have iGoogle if they want a personalized page. I’ve tried it, but I still like the single search box page – it’s fast!

15 years ago

I only recently started using google. I had been a lifelong yahoo user…but then i got fed up that none of the results were relevant…and of course I like to see how google shows my sites for my search terms 🙂

15 years ago

That’s why everytime I see a homepage that is Yahoo!, I change it immediately to Google because it’s easy for my eyes. If you are searching, all you need is a query field and a submit button and Google perfected that…before. Now they are putting a lot and I hope it won’t go Yahoo style.