On my previous post, I have announced the released of the new Smart Uzzap and tried it personally on my cellphone, on my wife’s Nokia 6630 and my younger sister’s Motorola L6i. First, I have downloaded it via PC and install the PC edition of Uzzap. I found it “not so interesting” because the PC edition does not contain special features that can surpass the existing Yahoo! messenger or ICQ so I did not use it. Then, I installed it on my N73 cellphone and to my wife.

Smart's Uzzap
Smart's Uzzap

I installed Uzzap via downloading it on the cellphone’s browser through the URL: http://uzzap.com/download. It requires 3G enabled before you can download and install it for free. In Symbian-based cellphone’s like our Nokia cell, .SIS installer is used while to non-symbian (Erikkson & Motorola) the installer is in .JAD format (Java-base). It took me about 2 to 3 minutes to completely download the installation file.

Here’s the things I like and don’t like about Uzzap’s feature after I have tried it:

  1. It’s free until August 31 only now. The free stuff includes sending of messages and chatting or buddy group chat. You can only send message to people who also uses or registered in Uzzap and added as buddy. If in case they did not log-in, offline messages are send via SMS. This feature can be found at Extended Messaging part of the application.
  2. I joined the chat room and found things that I don’t like. One, is the absence of “flood-control” in the chat rooms. The flood by abusing chatters are really annoying for chatters and it seems that it can’t be avoided or controlled by anyone. No moderators. No rules. No banning and reprimand or whatsoever that can scare abusers. I don’t know if this still happens when it becomes paid service already.
  3. Slow response time as Java application but working fine in .SIS form.
  4. Simple interface.
  5. With regards to Instant Messaging features I was not able to use it because it fails to connect to Yahoo! and MSN.

Before I state my conclusion and final verdict on this Uzzap, I would like to inform you that I’m not a chat fanatic. I prefer optimizing my eriuqs spires healthy recreation entry on my blog rather than spending my time chit chatting. So, if the time comes that it becomes paid after the free trial, personally I will not use it. The features for me is not enough to be worth of paying the service later, I’m using it because it’s free but I am not saying that there’s no possibility that I might reconsider using it.

How about you what can you say about its feature and your experience on Uzzap’s service. Share it with us!


  1. fatal_instinct

    mr. bleuken pede po pahingi ng kick kode? or if hindi talaga pwede kahit ung contacts na lng ng mga mods para ireport namin ung mga abusers at flooders. Sent it to my email n lng. [email protected]

  2. AIK_Summer

    Padaan… Hope u guys c0uld visit our r0om (LaSalle3) one of these days. M0st of the chatters the are ILONGGO. Cant relate with their dialect though, but people are very NICE. NYTIE Y’ALL =)
    P.S: pakiadd ako sa fs: [email protected]

  3. AIK_Summer

    CORRECTION: i meant GOOD JOB, SIR BLEUKEN (not GOD JOB) hehehe. Wr0ng typo *wink*

  4. AIK_Summer

    Hello there! Gud AM! Request ko po sana if pwde na i-LIFT yung BAN on these id’s: (blackadq, andrew11, automax2, automax3, automax4, ordinarymeeh) PLEASE….. And IF POSSIBLE, sana mdagdagan ang LaSalle r0oms (mgkaroon sana ng LaSalle4) *fingers crossed* Its nice to know there’s a forum page like this ๐Ÿ™‚ GOD JOB, SIR BLEUKEN! For the MODS, sana mgkaroon ng FAIR TREATMENT when it comes to using ur CAPABILITIES in kicking/banning chatters. Bakit kaya may mga tao/certain group jan na super close sa mga mod, to the point na pag may d lng cla nagustuhan sa room eh kayang-kaya nila tawagin AGAD ang mod para ipakick ang iba. While, pg may mga tunay na ABUSERS naman, HINDI MO MAHAGILAP ANG MGA MOD. Or, HINDI KA NILA PAPANSININ PAG HINDI KA NILA KILALA. U know who u are, people, and i know u know what im sayin. Then again, hope u could address my CONCERNS. Any reply will be APPRECIATED.
    Thank you.
    -AIK_Summer (cerebro13, 09089161641)

  5. raymund

    phngi codes sa uzzap at pnu mang kik paki send nalang po d2 09093738170

  6. roy

    tol try mo to re intall again… 4 ur computer… or try to format your computer but u need to back up first ur important files or all ur files.try to use a os. os sp2. ksi un gmit q…


    wala naman pong kick codes haleeerrrrr!!!!!! kukulit niyo sinabi ng walang code pangkik…..

  8. Malditah

    Hi ! nicols Sorry nokia 2630 does not have the capabilities to run Uzzap. ๐Ÿ™

  9. Malditah

    Hi nicols ๐Ÿ™‚
    nokia 2630 does not have the capabilities to run Uzzap ๐Ÿ™

  10. Malditah

    update windows ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. theart2525

    e2 po ung problem q s uzzap…

    n install q na po sxa…. pg eh open ko po error sxa….

    OS q po…

    windows xp sp3

    dba e2 ung nka lagay na instuction??

    This will automatically give you the correct installer for your device platform whether it is any of the following:

    * Windows 2000, XP, Vista
    * Kanotix
    * Ubutu Linux
    * Mepis Linux
    * Debian

    n download q na po ung installer nyo na uzzap_1.0.14_i386.exe

    tapos na install qna sxaโ€ฆ pro my error poโ€ฆ

    indi dw compatable ung windows xpโ€ฆ

    e2 lng yun compatable na OSโ€ฆ.

    *windows 95
    *windows 98
    *windows NT
    *windows ME
    *windows 2000

    ano po ba dapat q gawin??

  12. SuGar

    enge nmn poh kick codes pra sa mga mgagaling n flooder ng pag ibig at kulitan rooms!!! e2 puh e-ad q!! [email protected] tnx puh!!

  13. Anton

    Pahinge rin p0 ng c0de para pangkick dn p0 sa plader’.z…dmi p0 nla…i2 p0 ung ym q [email protected]…tnx p0 m0re p0werz

  14. Anton

    Pahingi rin p0 ng c0de…tnx para rin p0 sa plader…dami nla…

  15. famous

    sentinel code anyone!?

  16. billy jo

    ask ko lng kung panu ko mgkick ng mga flader s rum para tuloytuloy ang usapan nming mga mgkakaibigan.at walmg mgin istorbo sa rum nmin,, khit n alam nming pwede kming gmawa ng private rum. panu mgkick ng flooder s rum?at ako n mismo ang pwedeng mgkick s flooder?tanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx………….. e2 email add ko [email protected]

  17. nicols

    Question pls….

    Can someone address this, is Nokia 2630 compatible with UZZap?

  18. R-A

    elow poh!…
    manghihingi lng poh me ng kick code
    para sa UZZAP
    plz. poh…
    klangan lng poh sa rum……
    mga adik poh kc mga flooderz…..
    panggulo sameng mga chatterz…..
    if owkei lng poh….
    hirz my e-add: [email protected]
    ym q poh: seann_1987
    tnx poh…….sana pagbgyan nyo poh request q….

  19. rosas

    p send nmn ng kick code para mabawasan ang mag abusive nd bastos n chater s rums.paki send n lng s e mail add q.pati n rin ang admin n pwedeng kontakin pg my abusive chater s rum.my e mail add [email protected] and [email protected] a lot.

  20. Coolitz

    ask lng po kng paano maging moderator sa smart uzzap!
    nid lng po tlga namin sa rum! dami po flader at bastos!
    e2 po e-add ko!
    [email protected]
    paturo narin po kng paa

  21. c0olits

    Admin! pde po ba malaman kick code sa uzzap?

    kailangan na kailangan namin sa LDS1 at LDS2

    e2! po email add q!

    [email protected]

    tnx po! God blees us all

  22. ayz

    bkt ayaw mag download ng uzzap sa phone q (3250)?
    llaging not supported ang lumalabas pg tpos n ung pag dwnload q?

    1. what version of Uzzar ur downloading? Try Java version, I think its the most appropriate platform for your 3250 phone.

  23. ~~well im MooNfang~~

    ~~pa2long naman po ohh~~

    ~~kahit d nyo na sabhn paano mag kik~~

    ~~kaylangan talaga namn ng mod sa rum k26,28,20 at 19.~~

    ~~please puntahan nyo~~

    ~~isang linggo na po silang nanggugulo..~~

    ~~ung mga ator..sana naman patgln nyo na..~~

  24. >MaMaMia


  25. totoy

    boss ako rin po pahingi rin po ng uzzap secret codes for educational purposes only
    maraming salamat po, eto po email add ko, [email protected]

  26. can i ask something..! how can i become a moderator..????

  27. viRgOgurL

    ur ryt…kainis mga flooders sa rum..one more thing,minsan dko kinakaya un mga bastos at nagmumura.. dpat kpag ganun n ang chatters AUTOMATIC KICK agad!!!! p send nman po code how to kick abuse chatters..i’m a reg of f68..hir’s my uzzap id….”bhebrey”……tnx…God bless!!!!!

  28. person24

    pa send naman po sa email q ung kick code grabe kc pladers samin… eto po email q [email protected]

  29. person24

    pwede q po b malaman kick code sa uzzap..plssss?…irs mah email [email protected].. i’l wait for the kick code

  30. dwp[ viper]

    witwew..bakit lahat intersado sa kick code?

    for me,never na ibibigay ang code na yun sa ordinary chatter,sigurado magugulo ang uzzap..

    then if ang purpose nyo just to kicked yung mga flooders,baka maging abusive ang gagawin.

    wala lang..hahaha

  31. mike

    sir am , baka pde malaman ung kick code sa uzzap dami kazi floder na epal sa topic e T_T…..

    mykdelu po id ko ๐Ÿ˜€ ty ty ty sir,,

  32. Miyaka

    HmMm,bka pdE nman puh malaman ung kick c0de kht ung admin nlng na pdE ma pm pgmy flader,
    nka2inis puh kz hehe tnx. Ito puh i.D qu capcake..Tnx en m0re p0wer


  34. Kng hnd nyo po maibgay ang code pwde nyo po b akng add para po pag need po nmin help nyo mata2wag k po kayo pls pls pls ADMINMIKMIK… Lagi n lng po baha s room nmin dami po flloders. At ang dami po nggu2lo. P add n lng po aq mga moderators tnx tnx tnx po. PLAZTIKADA po id k.. Tnx

  35. BEV a.k.a TEBULATZ a.k.a AIK_Summer (Lasalle3/CFA)

    P.S. (Pahabol Sulat):

    here’s my fs addie: [email protected]

    Thank You =)

  36. BEV a.k.a TEBULATZ a.k.a AIK_Summer (Lasalle3/CFA)

    hello there! Ask ko lng po how magkick ng mga chatter na abuso. Or, might as well, kung saan na lang po madali mahahanap ang mga mod when they are needed. Reply would be highly appreciated. Thank you =)

  37. DWP l SlyFox

    I have been contemplating about this for quiet a while.. There has been some rumors about these chatroom moderators ( whatever you wanna call it).. Where they actually chosen by the network to do such things?(kicking some flooder’s but). If so, what makes you think that these “chosen ones” will exactly do their tasks properly? I’ve encountered a lot of scenarios where chatters were kicked without any justifiable reasons..Is there any logical explaination for that? Who will be held liable for these violations? By the looks of it, these moderators are obviously free from any liabilities. Taken into consideration that the moderator made an honest mistake, How come that the chatter who is ought to be kicked still remains in the room doing his stuff again and again? Can’t the moderator kick him out of the room after kicking the wrong one? Do they also have the authority to take back what they’ve done to that poor chatter? This only bears emphasis that the technical capabilities of these so called “moderators” are inefficient shall i say…I do not intend to condemn the moderators..In fact, itโ€™s a good thing that theyโ€™re around. .I just want to express my part as a smart subscriber and an UZZAP user as well.. And also for you to thresh out issues regarding this one. Aren’t these moderators supposed to be the refuge to those who seek for fun and healthy chatting? Fun in a way that it is appreciated not just by one but by all of the active chatters..

    Okay, letโ€™s consider a situation where flooding is beneficial to the chatters and even to the flooders..As a way of expressing their ability to create art through graphics and artistic ideas…No matter how good or artistic it is, the concept of flooding still remains. This points out to the moderator again.. Are their judgments in accordance to the principles of reasoning? I still have a lot of questions pertaining to this issue..

    As for the moment, I do hope that you may be able to answer the aforementioned queries substantially..So that all of us may learn something out of this incident and to prevent the deterioration of your subscribers..

    More Power..

  38. spark

    kuya pasend naman codes how 2 kick flo0ders destructive cla sa t0pic eh im a pio of fbentexiete h0pe youll grant my request tnx in advance hrs my email add [email protected] tnx ulet in advance

  39. hentot

    ay sang room pala kayo..???
    punta ako sa rum nio.. hehehehehehehe
    kung pde poh sana….

  40. hentot

    Hi everyone…

    Just wondering why everybody is looking for the kick code?? (paki correct nalang poh) diba kelangan mung maging MOD bago pakapag pa kick ng user??

    uzzap user din ako (hehehehehehe) and i find itreally nice, nakakapag txt ako from uzzap-sms, makapag online sa YM (which is cool, hehehehe) at send ng email din.

    request ko langs ana kung sino me alam ng mga color codes sa uzzap ( COOL astigin…)
    sana me mag reply… (heheheheh)

    uzzap id ko pala : severussnape (add nio poh ako, hope to make friedns here)
    Email add ko: [email protected] (looking forward to your quick responce)
    fs account: [email protected]/[email protected] ( ๐Ÿ˜€ para makita nio ko, hehehehe)
    facebook account: [email protected] (cool Microsoft SQL kasi ang database na ginagamit nito kaya try kong gumawa ng account, add nio din ako)
    flyff account: henryrafael (addict ako dito haha x4)

    BTW: thanks pala mr.bleuken for the thread….

    thanks and warm regards

  41. Jandi

    I’m a pioNeEr &regular chatTer of tambAYan…Wla p0ng senti o m0d s rum nMin,gus2 q sna mlaman un KICK C0DES pRa paALisin ang mga fl0odErS s rum nMin..Pls teaCh me h0w.. Email me [email protected]

  42. me0w

    Kuya mikmik help m n kmi pls sobra n po mga flloders eh lagi po cla ng gugulo. And my clan po ang mga flloders n pumapasok s rum nmin kya un lunod kmi parati… Pls nman po share m nman po ung code n pang kick po..
    E2 po email k [email protected]
    09283636361 e2 po id k PLAZTIKADA. Tnx po

  43. jenny

    hi there, i am always online at uzzap. but the problem is that there are many flooders in the room. someone told me that there is a code on how to kick this flooder. could you please send it to my email? thank you very much. that would be a very big help to all of us chatters. take care always… ([email protected])

  44. quantom

    Kuya bleuken ang daming floodes s rum nmin bigyan u ako code pangkik khit ung temporary lng n mkik cla pra mtakot n cla pumasok s rum nmin f plad p cla or mambastos cla.. Tnx! Kuya! E2 pla # ko kuya 09186092283

  45. dyipoi

    please anyoe cud help me know or send me the code for kickng uzzap flooders..irritating eh..hrs my eadd [email protected]..please

  46. dyipoi

    ako rin send nU sakin code ng ng pangkick sa flooder..isturbo eh

  47. me0w

    Help po ka2inis n mga flloder tlaga pls bigyan nyo nman kmi ng code…pls pls pls po…
    =^_^=me0w e2 po # k 09283636361 p send po.

  48. mark

    pa send nmn p0 ng code sa email ku. Nkakainis kxe mga fladers. Png33pan kme.
    eto email ko. [email protected]
    tnx a lot. Mwaah

  49. me0w

    Kuya mikmik help nman po pwde m b share c0de ng pangkik s mga fladers. S0bra n po kc cla. Cla ng nga ng gu2lo cla p my ganang magalit… Haist…. Plz po. pwde po p p send po d2 [email protected]
    ung o k po zer0 po un. E2 po # k 09283636361. Tnx po kuya….

  50. bluesiren21

    paano ba makikick ang mga flooders na yan, please pki send nlng d2 and code ng kick.. thanks you mga tol..09212848143

  51. Ryanzki

    Pwd kubng malaman ung c0de ng pagkick para naman may magamit akung panakut sa fladers.0kaya naman patangal nalang ung flad sa mga rum.

  52. ~*~ crizzie

    well guys….

    for your info sentinel is the code use to kick chatters….

    meron ng iba na may alam ng code…..

    (*_*) <<< dis is kua mikmik ang ngiisang chat admin if kua mikmik kick u its either permanently or for just 3 hours

    payo ko lang…be good in chatting…

    uzzap is built to chat..di para mang bully ng tao….

    if di keo maka connect sa ym it means..mahina signal ng uzzap nyo…

    try to uninstall and get a new version…after all its free of charge..

    and also..UZZAP is free for almost 11 mos to be exact…

    tandaan..di keo iki- kick if di keo pasaway;)

    enjoi chatting

  53. gegeh

    Omz143 pasend skn nung nkuha mong codes. I’l try to modify it. Tnx! [email protected]

  54. lanix

    pwd pahingi ng codes tsaka pano magkick ng floders? tnx..more power..

  55. alikabok

    until when nalang ang uzzap free trial? any admin around na pwedeng sumagot? or uzzap management? thanks in advance.

  56. daryl

    wait ko pre ang codes ha? thanx! 09182875419 # ko..

  57. daryl

    pre, same tau taga roxas. send mo nmn skin sentinel codes dami fladders sa rums… send mo d2 pre.. [email protected]

  58. iverjames

    hi gud day..i am a chatter in uzzap..im enjoyin with my friends in rum while we chatting each other but theres some chatter there make abusing in chatters like they make flood..can u help me how to kick this bad chatters?..can u give me a code to kick them?..& pls help me how can i register or how can i have a rank in MOD..pls,pls,pls..i will wait your response at my email.. [email protected]

    thank u very much..more power & god bless..

  59. DeXtrOzE.exe

    hi to all im one of the smart’s so called sentinel’s actually we dont have codes,we just have a contact number on wich we could exactly send the “chatnicks” of the person whose disrupting the rooms ordinance, i repeat we dont have any codes for kicking ohter users on uzzap chatrooms,although it is a jav/sis format you can freely edit your kalypte viewer,first you must have file explorer to do so. thanks.

  60. impoy

    pahingi naman pong kick or dc codes .. pangstop lang sa flooders na bwct.. ty
    [email protected]

  61. vamp


    bro pasend naman pano yan. thanks, for good ko naman gagamitin if nonsense flood cla…

    many tanx!

  62. Axel

    Pahinge po ng codes sa uzZap para mkpgkick ng mga flooders!ska mga color codes

  63. Rhon

    Penge nman po ng code,, khit ano, plzZ.

  64. omz143

    Pare…!!!! me nakuha akong mga codes…. ng kick,ban,unban,showusers,addicon, etc… kya lang the point is, i think any regular user in the chatroom cant use it since prang addmin lang or moderator ang pwede ata gumamit nun…..

  65. Technology

    Sir bleuken, ung pandc lang puh, hrap humanap ng m0derator eh, cge na p0h, pls.


    phinge ng c0de pang kick.dami kc fl0oder sa cebu 5 and cebu 6 ..tnx..:D.

  67. vamp

    parequest po ng rum n ASTRAL at penge din ng kick at dc codes…. [email protected]

    many thanks!

  68. Dothy

    Hi! I just want to ask. Can it be possible to use uzzap using Nokia 5800? I already downloaded and installed it and I can even open the application but unfortunately, I can’t type any letters or numbers. So now I can’t be able to log in to my account. I badly need help. Just email me: [email protected]


    1. @Dothy, I think it will be just doing fine on any unit that can support .SIS or JAVA apps. However, I wasn’t able to test it on touch phones. I let you know if I have already check on that.

  69. jheffman

    boss can i have code to kick some damn flooder??
    [email protected] my email add…tnx

  70. mishaira

    pwede pahingi kick codes plssssssss. dame fladers sa room.

  71. sally

    Pano ba sumali sa uzzap,gusto ko png sumali hirap naman po.

  72. emotero

    pwd po ba makahige ng code para sa pag kik kc dami nag fflod sa rum namin eh pa send nlng po sa email ko [email protected] yan po e add ko

  73. Technology

    Sir bleuken, kahit ung pangdc lng p0, =(

  74. Vash

    Penge p0h ko ng c0de s pangkick kainis mga fl0oders and pretenders.Tnx p0h.

  75. kheilan

    hi pwede ba makahingi ng kick code kc daming balahura sa rum namin bas2s at mukang now lang ata nakagamit ng cp kc flod ng flod senti tnx asahan ko yan kc wala naman kameng sentinel sa flirt 143 di kgya ng ibang rum tnx

  76. Bind

    HmMm.Ung dc codes pUh nSan na?Dami ko ng napupuntahang fur0m,wla pa dc c0des,plz. . . Kzi until n0w ndi pa k0 nkKapZok sa kh8 an0ng rUm ng uZzap,epaL tlaga ung admin na nag’kicked sakin.Dpat sa mga ganyang staffs inaaliz na yan.Di zLa bagay sa p0siti0n nLa.Tsk.Tsk. . .

  77. Jayson

    Sentinel ako rin pahingi rin nang kick code sa uzzap dami rin mga bastos na flooders pls.tnx in advance

  78. bind

    HmMm.Pki’lagay nMan puh ung dc codes,kzi nang’ddc ung ibang m0d kh8 wla nMang gnagwa kming masama,nang’33p kng mag katabi lng kmi ng m0d na kuTos k0 na un.Hehe e2 emaill add k0,plz.Send me s0me dc c0des. [email protected]

  79. [F4E]FLADTYM

    elow…sana nman wlang mod!!!! d nkaka enjoy mga flooders eh!!… at wih q lng sana kmi nman ung mang kik sa mga mod….concern lng kc aq sa mga sinisipa na fladders..hehe..tnx

  80. manding

    hi sentinel pano ba magkick sa uzzap nakkainis kase mga flooders
    eto na email ad ko mand00082yahoo.com tans

  81. Technology

    Panu ba po mangkick.. may ginawa kasi sakin ung isang mod… pero iba ung username nya.. kick na parang fake pero maghahang ka sa isang chatroom??? c mikmik ata un.. eto ung nick nya nung kick kami (*_*)

    Moeron po bang pang dc ng flooders na code??? kung meron po eto po eadd ko [email protected] kung pede klang??

    Tc, Godbless

  82. scar

    Helow blue ako din po sana hingi po code ni sentinel to kick those flooder. email ko po [email protected]

    1. i think b4u can kick flooders you should have a rank of a mod or whatever.

  83. Gerald4u

    Mr. Blue pwd poh pahinge code ni sentinel unfair aman kz buti sa ibang rum my sentinel cla 4 kick a flooders.

  84. kaspog1990

    mr. bleuken can i make a favor? give me some codes in uzzap including how to kick flooders. . pls?

    1. I don’t have that code. Are you a MOD in uzzap?

  85. Villasmark

    Long process

  86. please pahingi naman po ng mga code sa uzzap, kht yung pang-kick lng po, ansasama po kc nung mga chatters dun sa room namin, hnd naman po ako mkapg-flood kc inaala2 q yung ibang chatterz paki-send na lang po dito sa email ko [email protected]

    1. i’ll try to look on that and give you later a code.

  87. I dont hve dat much comment d oNLY thng i cAn say iS dt aCcept wat smART may ofFer bt ncASE 8 has pa much betTER. . .c”,)

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  89. @abou, aside from that they say it’s a free trial but you need to load to connect (at least one peso load) to use it, tsk, I hope that they improve it coz G might beat them badly specially G offers iPhone 3G right now.

  90. cant connect to ym. thats all i want pa naman. m willing to pay as long as maka connect sya but it cant so i guess my verdict is a thumbs down

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  92. rhed anunciado

    Year ur right.. its not worth in paying… I cant connect my YM from Uzzap and I cant control those damn flooders

  93. I was correct with my pessimism. Smart wasn’t able to deliver their new product. We were supposed to meet last June, but we haven’t heard from their team since our meeting on May. I checked the site of their #1 provider here and there’s no mention of it. I didn’t hear any hulabaloo about it from LA where the launch was supposed to begin which again confirms my suspicions. I have not heard of such technology becoming “massive”. I just had the decency not to tell that in front of their representative ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe

    Whenever the time that the product comes out of the closet, I will be one of the first tester ๐Ÿ™‚

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