Yes, Busby SEO Challengers from all over the world, the version 2 of SEO Contest 2008 is now officially announced. The detail of the said challenge can be found at the forum of UK Webmaster World, the host of the previous SEOCONTEST2008 v1.0 keyword contest. The said SEO contest invites every participants to optimize the keyword: kabonfootprint on until October 1, 2008. The prizes at stake are $2,000 for the crowned champion and $100 for runner-ups of the challenge.

Here are some of the “subject to change rules” of the said Kabonfootprint SEO challenge which I quoted from the mentioned forum:

  • The content entry page or site MUST be in English.
  • A domain, folder, or sub domain can be used to optimized page with one criterion. The page must be brand new, no backlinks no cached version.
  • Every optimization techniques are allowed except cloaking, hiding text. blackhat. We will periodically compare the optimized pages with their cached version to weed out cloaking, we suggest you avoid using any kind of noarchive meta tag.
  • No multiple entries are allowed – ONE URL per forum member.
  • Participants are allowed to change URL but with the same requirements – at the moment of registration new URL can not have any cached version or incoming links. Old URL will be removed from database and no longer allowed to be used.
  • Linking to contestant page from this forum is NOT allowed.
  • Avoid using sub domain of free hosted blogs like wordpress or blogspot.

With regards to the Kabonfootprint keyword, I don’t have any idea what does it mean. So usually when I don’t know about words, I seek the help of Google search toolbar. The problem is contestants already posted their entries and they already plaguing the result pages. They are really very active on this kind of challenge. I even tried to register a blog account using the keyword as the subdomain but unluckily its not already available. They are really that fast!

I know that this will be another sleepless nights for almost all SEOers. We are not done yet with current Busby SEO Challenge and now we will face another upcoming SEO contest. It seems that we can’t sleep on time again for the past 2 months huh! Oh well double time for me and for other interested challengers.

Good luck everyone!

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13 years ago

who won that seo contest?


[…] the way the Kabonfootprint challenge is now released. This is from UK Webmaster World and I think I will join again and try my […]