Yup that’s right, I am still using Visual Foxpro right now despite it is announced by Microsoft almost a year ago that they will stop developing the next version for this programming language. I just can’t get rid of this VFP on my system because the coding system and semantics of this tool is still running in my blood. I am teaching right now Visual Basic.Net 2008 but my system refuses to use this one for developing information systems that I need to build. Now, I am studying my MSCS and I need to decide which tool that I should use for the development. Is it Visual Foxpro that I am fond of using and really have a “sentimental” value for me or is it Visual Basic.NET because that is the future right now?

My answer, well I will continue on using Visual Foxpro! Then, I will enhance my knowledge in PHP and MySQL because I already started using it and I find it easy to implement. For the meantime, I will not say goodbye to Visual Foxpro and I decided that if in case I will shift to another language and focus on it, I will choose the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) group or WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Programming language I know since I become a Filipino Programmer from the oldest to the newest language: C Language, Assembly, Visual Foxpro, Perl (but that was a long time ago, year 2000 I guess), Visual Basic 6 to Visual Basic.NET and then PHP.

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14 years ago

Yes! i’m stilling using VFP for my desktop programming task. I found it very fast in database operation compare to MS Access, MS VB with any combination…

After VFP i use WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) for web based projects.

14 years ago

VFP is as powerful as any one in the world of programming, not the kind of interface that you would always want though..

@bleuken, thank you so much for helping me solve my autorun problem…

u dah man!

15 years ago

If you ask me, neither one hehe I hate both for their ugly syntax… Sorry I’m an MS hater. I believe that Java is the future simply because of its portability. At work the programs we use were written in VB.Net – all did not properly use the true nature of what .Net is supposed to be, instead it was used as an upgrade for VB6.

Another problem I have with .Net is that browser preference is very limited. Also, poorly written .Net application can really eat up so much of your computer resources.

The only advantage that VB.Net has over Java is the VM. It doesn’t need VM to run which takes care the sluggish start-up loading of Java applications (desktop & web).

So yeah I’m tempting you to take the purist OOP language for your masters degree hehehe