I decided this morning to change the title of this website to “Filipino Programmer on the Web”. It will be the permanent title of this website starting today, it is because I am getting tired of this SEO stuff and I can’t focus on what the real purpose of this blog. So starting today, definitely this blog will have a direction to what real stuff should be included here. I will leave the SEO stuff behind temporarily and concentrate to things that is align to the blog objectives.

I would like to thanks everyone who support this blog on the recent Busby SEO Challenge by making a permanent backlink from their posts and websites. It doesn’t mean that I quit with the said contest but I simply want to rest for a moment and place things in proper places. I am currently puzzled with the current standing of this blog on search engines and I want to fix this by providing informatin that I really want to provide. God bless everyone!


  1. Gem

    I was also once like you; I could not decide on what tagline that I have to accompany my title. I just recently changed the tagline of my site. Now I want to redesign the site again. I’m not contented at the layout right now. I hope to get to have some working time doing it.

    But the best traffic would come from search engine traffic. Only, you’ll have to fit your keywords to the voice of this blog.

  2. Good for you. I’ve been noticing a recent surge in SEO contests which are actually marketing strategies. The purpose of blogs have been dwindling down into redundant content trying to promote the keyword. Blogging became a game. I was even tempted to join once, but I’d rather concentrate on improving my content and writing style.

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