Google will introduce soon the adsense for feeds. Yes, after the Google referral retires this August a new mean of making money on your websites is about to be provided by Google. It is the adsense that you can add to your feeds when it reads in RSS or Feed readers. I think it is not yet final because I only saw about this new feature of Adsense in Feeds when I visited my Adsense account and see a new option on the dashboard. When I clicked on it, a blank messagebox was displayed then it goes back to the main index of the dashboard. Here’s what I see on Google Adsense Setup page when I found out about this:

Adsense Setup Page
Adsense Setup Page

I’m not sure if when can anyone use it on their feeds I’m still looking for information about this on Google. I have tried it but the page refuses it. What I know right now is that the possibility of a new online money making opportunity for us netrepreneurs via this new feature. I will update this post when I gather more information about this.

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15 years ago

Happy Mornings Mr Baguyo,

I am a 16 year old high school student here in Philippines. I do not have a website and I only have an internet connection. Is it possible for me to earn money online? If it is, what is my possible requirements? And if it is possible, what possible sites might offer me the opportunity to earn money online? Thanks in advance and God bless!