When I checked my blog admin just a while ago (one hour ago), a message from the dashboard reported that their is a minor revision on the previous release of WordPress and that is the new stable release version is now 2.6.1. I immediately downloaded the said file and uploaded it to my host. Of course I followed the upgrade instructions first (such as creating backup of the database and the PHP files) prior to uploading the latest WP files. It took about 5 minutes to upgrade everything without a problem. There’s nothing special that I have seen with the upgrade as of the moment.

By the way I forgot to mention that I upgraded the blog manually but I found out that there is an automatic upgrade plug-in available for this that is capable of creating back-up of your blog’s file plus upgrading your WordPress installation automatically. Unlucky of me because I only discovered it late but I am using it with my other WordPress blogs so at least it saves a lot of upgrading time.

Now latest stable release of WordPress 2.6.1 is on my pad. How about you, have you upgraded your blog already? By the way if you want to read about the latest fixes on this minor version release, just read this entry from WordPress: http://wordpress.org/development/2008/08/wordpress-261/.

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15 years ago

Yes I have. When backing up, what do you backup? Data only or data and files? I do a full backup once a month or after a major design fix and a daily data backup…tha’s beside my tape backup @ my host. I can’t really backup my files daily because it’s in GB size. I think 2.7 is in the near future.