Today, my Cebu Seo Contest entry on this blog vanished again in thin air. It is deleted in index by Google. It shows on page two yesterday and the other day, but today its gone already. It seems that nothing happens with the effort I invested for the said post. That’s why I am giving it up and will stop from optimizing it. It will be a waste of effort for me to continue to increase the chance of that Cebu Seo Contest post. I am just hoping that my other entries will not fail me and I wish that it will not obliterate in results as what happens to my previous Cebu Seo Contest entry.

What I am doing right now is I am trying to focus to other things such as the upcoming open chess tournament to be spearheaded by Capiz Chess Association, Inc. and my MSCS studies. I will try to practice for the said chess tournament because lately I’ve been busy with my work and SEO activities so I was not able to open chess books and play with chess engines for a couple of months. I want to be prepared this time because my last tournament game was the worst game of my chess career. I did tried to play last week and my moves are becoming rusty. I should “lubricate” my chess skills a little to calibrate my playing style. Actually, I decided to play chess again because I was inspired by the quotes I have read written on the wall of the garage chess club of my friend. It is a quote from Benjamin Franklink and I actually made a post for it on one of my Cebu Seo Contest entry. Read this post with the title, Foresight, Circumspection and Caution here.

Another target of mine this week is to try to increase the monetary aspect of this blog. This site is still young to make money out of it, but I will try to prepare it with this aspect for the coming future. I know that I can only realize the monetary value of this blog only after 3 to 6 months of being online. With regards to Busby SEO Challenge, I am still hoping but not expecting anymore and with Cebu Seo Contest well I am expecting that my other blogs can do it (such as my Cebu Seo Contest blog), but I am preparing myself to things that might happen beyond my control. Well that’s life, you just don’t know what will really happen, you will only know it just when the time comes! 😀

Right after their 642-812, the N10-003 candidates need to write their 70-431 as well as 640-822 and 640-863 so that they can appear in their 70-640 exams in time.

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