It’s February and I know that its too late for me to say something about plans for 2010. I should have posted this on January but I will just post it anyway. Now this year, I am planning to increase my earning and will try to reach a 6 digits annual earning (in dollars). Yeah right last year, I think I wasn’t able to reach it yet. Now, how would I do that? Well, I got a plan for that and will share it with you later if it become successful.

Aside from this, I am also planning to deploy a website that will discuss how to earn money online but I will write it in Tagalog. I will try to spread the good news about how money making is possible online using our own dialect. Its for my students and other people who prefer to read articles in our language. Maybe, I will start publishing the tips on my Sikat Ang Pinoy news portal and will build a forum under the same domain.

I will announce it here later when I’m done with the Tagalog make money online tips.

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14 years ago

my 2010 goals:
1. Read more
2. Listen to new music
3. Write the article
4. Redesign my website