Capiz Forum Permanently Down

About a year from now, I established a website intended to connect Capizenios from different part of the world. I am referring to the Capiz Forum that I hosted in a free domain and hosting in HyperPHP (it is found @ I only discovered last week that the site’s database used for the SMF […]

My Experience with Xoom

Update: Ignore my ranting about Xoom after this line, I already know the cause why I suffer delay on Xoom transactions, my bank account was a peso account and my client send me his payments in dollar. That’s why BDO refused the transaction. But there’s no instruction on  their website saying anything about this. They […]

PWA Finalists Announced

After a week of delay of the actual declaration of the PWA finalists for this years best websites, the list of finalists were finally released. I actually did not receive any information from them regarding the lists even they informed me that they will definitely send me an email regarding the said event. Maybe they […]

Special Events in December 1

What is so special today? It is the first day of December and the beginning of the Christmas Holiday. Aside from this event today is a celebration of different happenings. The following are the events that makes the day special: 1. World AIDS Day. This is a day of AIDS awareness world wide. That is […]

Software that Improves Your Looks

What do you do when you want to make your pictures presentable on Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, MyYearbook or in any other social network sites? Do you edit them through Photoshop or GIMP? The usual trick that I find effective in retouching pictures to show-off on the net and make it flawless is by using the […]