Cool Animated eCards

I am not feeling well today and I decided not to go to work. Despite that my head really aches and at the same time since I hate the feeling of just lying down then can’t prevent myself on surfing the net, I decided to treat myself with laughs and smile through the cool animation […]

Cebu Seo Contest Countdown

Tomorrow will be the last day of registration for the Cebu Seo Contest of PhBlogger.Net. If you still have entries left to register for the said competition, leave it already to the blog of Lhurey or send YM to him immediately. Almost seven days left before the final day of checking entries on Google. I […]

What are you doing when Online?

Usually when I’m online I’m checking my emails, optimizing my Busby SEO Challenge website, post new entries to my blogs, dropping ECs (entrecards), reading other blogs, reading latest news about computers and gadgets, checking on my adsense earnings, checking if there is other means of earning online and visiting and replying to my favorite SEO […]

Is 888 a Real Lucky Day?

Today, the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China began and marked a history of sports all over the world. Aside from this today is considered by many people to be a lucky day for everyone because of the dates format: 08/08/08 or 888 which is a date that comes once in a calendar life of people. […]

Microsoft Supports Apache

At OSCON (Open Source Convention) 2008, Microsoft announced their Sponsorship of The Apache Software Foundation, joining Google and Yahoo! at Platinum level. The generous contributions by Sponsoring organizations and individuals help offset the day-to-day operating expenses to advance the work of The ASF. – Microsoft being one of the owner of great software in […]