Usually when I’m online I’m checking my emails, optimizing my Busby SEO Challenge website, post new entries to my blogs, dropping ECs (entrecards), reading other blogs, reading latest news about computers and gadgets, checking on my adsense earnings, checking if there is other means of earning online and visiting and replying to my favorite SEO and gadget related forums posts. These are some of my frequent activities on the net while my not so frequent acts are watching videos, downloading and watching Naruto Shippuden and Bleach episodes (which is usually happening every Thursday and Friday), checking on the price of Iphone 3G and its release in the Philippines and playing chess (I stop from playing since I enrolled for the MSCS course).

Now here’s other things that I think other people do when they are online based on my observation on my students and other of my acquaintances. Things that I think will only spend a lot of money without earning something aside from pure entertainment and fun:

  1. Playing online RPG games and flash games. The usual activity by children and teens alike. That’s why internet cafe really earn from them. 🙂
  2. Watching videos from Youtube, Veoh and other video web sites.
  3. Chatting, emailing and chatting again. They start on mIRC and ends with YM.
  4. Downloading MP3s and indecent video file from Limewire and Torrents.

How about you what are you doing when your online?

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15 years ago

My PC is wired 24/7 so every time I turn on my monitor, it’s online…that makes your question difficult to answer. Basically, checking emails and googling on anything I can think of…I’m not that bored. If I think (heard, read) of something I don’t understand, I google (or recently wiki). Also writing entries on my blogs. I hardly read blogs unless I’m really bored like now ’cause I’m killing time before I go to work. I’m hooked on KDramas, so I download that every day. My uTorrent is always running – I don’t seed. Check on the latest music, movies.