Today, the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China began and marked a history of sports all over the world. Aside from this today is considered by many people to be a lucky day for everyone because of the dates format: 08/08/08 or 888 which is a date that comes once in a calendar life of people. People get married today, new businesses were open and other made different plans today. In my case I just go to Flat Rock Beach Resort to attend the Beachfest 2008 of our school which is nothing significance with the said number.

The question now is that is this day August 8, 2008 is really a lucky day? One reason that people said 888 is a lucky number because of its form as a combination of numbers that looks like the symbol infinity ? and in chinese the number 8 is considered to be lucky because it sounds like the word “prosper” or “wealth” (Pinyin). When I watched an early morning show today, I have heard the explaination of a certain Feng Shui master stated that the day is not the actual day for 888 because in the Chinese calendar the actual date was July 8, 2008. Apart from that she said that August 8 is considered to be part of a chinese tradition called Ghost Festival. I actually seen one of this festival from a horror movie of Ms. Alessandara de Rossi entitled “The Maid“. This is believed to be not a good day to everyone to get lucky because many spirits are wandering around and may cause possible unlucky event to you if you will not use any special pendants or charm to go against with it. So for the said Feng Shui master, 888 is not a lucky day at all.

In my opinion, people made people unlucky. Luck is gained by continous effort and perseverance. Industrious people become successful and become lucky continously because of this attitude. (I hope this works on my Busby SEO Challenge effort.) In your opinion, what can say about this?

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