Tomorrow will be the last day of registration for the Cebu Seo Contest of PhBlogger.Net. If you still have entries left to register for the said competition, leave it already to the blog of Lhurey or send YM to him immediately. Almost seven days left before the final day of checking entries on Google. I know that my entries are not winning at all and I don’t expect anymore that this thing will change for the next 7 days. I am happy right now because I can see that majority of the entries that are lining up on the result pages are all from Roxas City, Capiz. This only mean how the resident of Capiz are getting matured with the search engine optimization. There has been a misunderstanding because of this rivalry in the search engine optimization in the place but I think this will just pass away as Cebu Seo Contest will also fade. Life is boring if there’s no competition and this Cebu Seo Contest activity add a small spice to the bland idle life of newbies, students and SEO experts in the province.

Keep up the good work guys and make your Cebu Seo Contest entries happens during the final day of the competition. Hold on and don’t lose that current grip. Your honor is our honor and Capiz will surely benefit from this competition!

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15 years ago

oooow blueken your such a greedy person…. do you?

15 years ago

you are number 1…

15 years ago

id like to know how much is the price for this cebu seo contest ? where will be the awarding ?