What do you do when you want to make your pictures presentable on Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, MyYearbook or in any other social network sites? Do you edit them through Photoshop or GIMP? The usual trick that I find effective in retouching pictures to show-off on the net and make it flawless is by using the Gaussian Blur or Blur More effects. That will do. 🙂 But there’s a software that is currently developing by Israel programmers that can improve your looks without undergoing trouble in fixing your pictures or radically altering your faces (through surgeries and other dermatological miracles). This software developed by Israel programmers was applied to make the pictures appeared attractive.

According to Professor Dani Lischinksi of Hebrew University in Jerusalem,

This technology could become a product where for example there’s a web service where people upload their photographs and have them enhanced or beautified by our software. We were able to fit a mathematical model to this set of data that we’ve gathered, namely the images that we showed to people and their responses in terms of the beauty scores that they chose to give to each image.

If this software will be released online as a web service for the said purpose, well, we will expect a lot of fake attractive pictures swarming over social networking sites. Will it be goodbye for PS and GIMP for face retouching?

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