Update: Ignore my ranting about Xoom after this line, I already know the cause why I suffer delay on Xoom transactions, my bank account was a peso account and my client send me his payments in dollar. That’s why BDO refused the transaction. But there’s no instruction on  their website saying anything about this. They should have a system that automatically converts the payment to Peso or any currency possible, just like Paypal, so that it will be compabitible with the account.

The first time I use Xoom was the time when I still have an unverified Paypal account. I have read several posts on forums about Xoom regarding the delivery of Paypal money to bank via their service. That’s why I consider using their service for that. But, I was not able successfully withdraw the money through them because it was refused by my bank because my bank (Land Bank) was not included on the lists of banks that can accommodate transactions from Xoom. That’s when the time I decided to verify my Paypal account using my EON Unionbank account. Now, my client send me his payment last two weeks via Xoom which I pointed to my bank account in BDO. Unfortunately, until now (almost 3 weeks after sending the payment) the transaction is still not moving at all.

From the tracking number that my client gave me, I’ve seen from the tracking feature of Xoom that the payment transaction started last January 12 and stuck on January 16 January 27 (change after I asked my  client to inquire about this problem with Xoom yesterday) with a message “Confirmation in Progress. (“We are confirming the recepient’s information”). I don’t know until when this confirmation will stay on that status. Maybe I will just wait for more 3 days to check if the payment will be reflected on my account. Right now, I am already thinking to ask my client not to consider sending his payment via Xoom later instead try another means.

I thought they said on their website that you can receive it within 3 business days and but that’s not what happen to me. Maybe they are still in ‘holiday mode and mood’ because the process now is almost 3 weeks already, almost 15 business days. Oh, well I will just update you later about what happens next to this “Confirmation in Progress” status of Xoom.


I will just wait until Friday if there’s a progress on this and Xoom according to my client is blaming my bank and my bank is saying that there’s no problem with them but with Xoom. Wow, its an infinite loop!

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13 years ago

I have the same freakin problem and I need the money already. Sigh their service is soo frustrating.