Conficker worm is considered to be one of the most widespread infections today considering the announcement of an anti-virus company that it already infects 9 million PC world wide. This virus, which is also known as Downup, Downandup and Kido, utilizes autorun.inf in USB sticks/flash drives to spread plus injecting itself through the network shares and to the registry of the Windows system via the vulnerability of the Windows operating system with no security patches prior to October 2008. Conficker was first detected last October 2008 and in just a small span of time, it already infected a lot of computers around the world. UK Ministry of Defense and various hospitals from Sheffield reported that they were infected by this wild Conficker worm.

Windows family of OS is the only target of this worm from Windows 2008, Vista to XP Home and Professional edition. According to Microsoft Support, to prevent such infection of this virus, operating system  installed prior to October 2008 should be updated to the recent security patches provided by Microsoft. Recent maliscious software removal tool of Microsoft can detect and remove this infection. However, if the system is already infected, it prevents you to access security related website thus disallowing you to access Microsoft Support page and other anti-virus websites that can help you remove this infection. You need to remove it manually or via an anti-virus program from another computer. Microsoft Support at provided a step-by-step instruction on how to remove the infection manually.

Latest news about this worm said that the payload of Conficker is still about to come and just waiting for it to be activated. The high-tech culprit behind this is not yet traced but being tracked down by authorities. What the security experts scared about this infection now is that the possibility that someone might discover the activation of this worm and the uncertainties on how many computers can be accessed by hackers with full administration rights. Companies and organizations around the world that uses a unupdated operating systems are in danger of this security issue and should act on this immediately.

If you want to avoid/prevent this kind of infection to your PCs using Microsoft’s OS, make sure that you always update the system with the security patches from them. It will only take a minute to do that and it will be for the best of your system so you should provide time for it. If you neglect it, you might lost a lot of things. Be aware and be updated. Get a security patch always! 🙂

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  1. dragonide

    i have the latest version of this virus and it cannot be removed… i have wiped harddrive via data dump tools tried manually and also tried a million different antivirus programs
    any1 have ideas? help
    also canot acces any windows downloads via thier site…

  2. sunjaelee

    uh now the microsoft website works but now i have a problem with my laptop and ie 8. maybe i can find a post on it

    1. Try using Winsock fix, this is the usual tool I used to fix error on network cause by viruses.

  3. sunjaelee

    Umm… i have the same problem and fixed it but somehow, i cannot go to the microsoft website.

    1. maybe the virus left you restricted to visit secured sites. that’s the side effect of the said virus to infected PCs.

  4. The new generation of viruses is just scary, and this is the worst. Having tried to get rid of it on my PC, that link was actually really helpful, thanks

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