msiwind-blackThis year, I buy myself a gift and decided to buy a new notebook PC. I decided to take a black MSI Wind Notebook. I really like its features and appearance except for its battery life. The 3-cell battery can only stay up to 2 hours of unplugged continuous use and I supposed to get a 6-cell version of the PC  but it is not available during the time I buy the unit. Since I am so excited to put my fingers on the notebook so that is why I did not think twice of not taking the 3-cell battery PC despite the original plan was 6-cell. Maybe later I will just buy a 6-cell battery to replace 2-hour life battery.

Here’s the hardware spec and features of my new notebook:

  • Memory: 2 Gig
  • Hard disk: 160 GB
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz Intel Atom
  • Display: 10″
  • Batter: 3-cell Lion (2 hours life without electricity, I really don’t like charging the PC everytime but I can’t do anything about it yet.)
  • Operating System: FreeDOS when I buy it but later I installed Windows XP myself. Actually right now it utilizes two operating system. The first partition is Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Beta for the other partition.
  • Color: Black
  • Built-in webcam, mic, WLAN, LAN, No Bluetooth, MMC reader

Now, I am only using MSI to check the attendance of my students and browse the net whenever there’s no available PC in school or when I’m in canteen taking a snack while surfing the net.

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Dj Rein Valdez
13 years ago

Nice Notebook. Swabe!