Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Ricky “the Hitman” Hatton match already concluded and Pacman won the fight! This post contains the latest news and events about the boxing event plus tips on how to watch it online, PPV, TV live or replay or live on the ringside. This is the official Pacquiao vs Hatton coverage by bleuken.

The following are a log of different events before and after the fight:

04/02/2009. Pacquiao wins via knocking out Hatton with a left hook on the 2nd round. Read the rest of the story here. Congratulations Pacman, your the man!

04/05/2009. Pacquiao was declared number one of the Ring Pound for Pound ratings (#1 Ring P4P ratings) while Hatton fall out of top ten. Pacquiao also declares his intention to run as the representative of his province, Sarangani. I hope he won’t be knocked out by the alligators and leeches that will surely swarm the guy during and after the election 2010.

04/02/2009. The official weigh-in for Pacman and Hitman is in and Pacquiao officially weighs at 138 lbs while Hatton weighs exactly 140 lbs. Tomorrow will be the tonight will be the big night fight and be there for the square! Watch the fight now!

04/27/2009. Pacquiao concluded the weight loss competition for his colleagues and friends, where the participants were required to loose 10% of their weight for a given period. Winners gain $3,000 for the prize. A shoe maker made a custom shoes for Pacquiao containing his initials. This will be the official shoe of the Filipino champ. As the usual tradition of Manny, he attended a mass a week before the much anticipated event. Hatton on the other hand said that he is really impressed with how respectful Pacman fans are and he is already ready to knock down his opponent.

04/18/2009. Main event’s undercard matches were announced. WBC super feather weight champion Humberto Soto (47-7-2) will be fighting Canada’s Benoit Gaudet (20-1, 7 KOs). Undefeated top-rated James Kirkland (25-0, 22 KOs) will go against Mike Walker (19-1-2, 12 KOs) in a middleweight bout. Other mathches include, Russia’s Matt Korobov vs. Rodrigo Aguiar and Erislandy Lara against Chris Gray.

04/08/2009. Speculations today were spread and even me is asking if this is true. Pacquiao according to a news hurt his foot in his current training. Well let see if this is true and they revealed what tactics that they will do to knock down his opponent and that is a lot of body shot. “I am so excited already!”

4/06/2009. Freddie Roach said today that Pacquiao can knock out Hatton in 9 minutes instead of the previous coach mandate to knock out him in 9 rounds which is same as the De La Hoya-Pacquiao match. Can He do it? What will be Hatton’s reaction about this? Let see guys!

03/29/2009. Arum announced his plans for Manny Pacquiao’s next fight. He’s planning to match him with Chavez, Jr. Read the details here: Pacquiao vs Chavez Jr.

03/19/2009. Pacquiao changed his media partner in the Philippines. This mean that Filipino fans can watch the Hatton vs Pacquiao match on ABS-CBN instead of GMA 7.

03/16/2009. Today, Pacquiao was tagged by Sports Illustrated as the number one or best pound for pound boxer/fighter of the current times.

03/05/2009. Pacquiao is in US now for his 2 months long training. According to him this Pacquiao and Hatton match might be his last fight and he will retire after this. This might be connected to his plans for 2010 Philippine Elections.

02/26/2009. Pacquiao will fly this Friday to Hatton’s country for the promotion of their fight before starting his training in US. In connection to this, he relinquished his WBC lightweight title signalling his intention of not going back to the said division. Pacquiao’s coach, Roach, spoke of knocking down Hatton on lesser number of rounds compared to what Mayweather have done to him. “Pacquiao is better than Mayweather”, Freddie Roach stated on his TV interview.

01/23/2009. Finally, There will be Pacquiao vs Hatton this May 2, 2009 after Pacquiao agreed to fight Hatton with the offer of 52-48 share to pay per view and a guaranteed take home earning of $12M. But there are stories that roaming that these agreement is mere speculations and still the match is under negotiations. Let just see what will be the official announcement of this fight. I will update you guys!

01/19/2009. Pacquiao today refused the other offer of Hatton’s camp of 50-50 or 55-45 aside from the 60-40 that he asked. Bob Arum told them that 60-40 sharing in profit is impossible to settle so Pacquiao’s camp is now ready for searching for new opponent. Sad! I thought I could see Hatton being beaten by Pacquiao or vis versa.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

01/13/2009. Today, I just heard on the news that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao’s group are discussing about the next fight of the people’s champ. After the successful fight of Pacquiao against De La Hoya, it seems that they are not stopping at all. They are still “picking for a fight” to different fighters. One of the fighter that they considered to negotiate to fight was Ricky “Hitman” Hatton, a welterweight champion from England. Actually this was the reason why Pacquiao named his new baby as “Queen Elizabeth” because he was expecting that his next fight will be with Hatton. But according to Pacman’s group they were not yet done with the deal because they were not able to agree with the “money deal.” The Pacquiao camp is asking for a 60-40 deal but Hatton’s group did not agree from this offer so the fight is still hanging and there’s no fix announcement yet. According to them, they will announced later this month if they will really fighting in the ring.


Another speculation that spreading in Las Vegas today was Pacquiao also considering to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., an undefeated American boxer who beats Ricky Hatton on their last match. Mayweather already retired and the last time that I saw this guy on TV was on Wrestling Mania. I don’t know if he will really fight again in the ring.

As of now, there’s no really final decision yet for both camps on who will be their next opponent. How about you what do you want to be the next boxing event to watch out, will it be Pacquiao vs Hatton or Pacquiao vs May Weather? Watch out!

Watch this prediction of a boxing fanatic from Youtube. See how the People’s Champ crushed the English man in a video game rendition of the fight:


  1. Ricky Hatton got his ass handed to him. He is always blaming his losses to the elite fighters on his manager, the flu, the heat, weight loss etc. But the truth is he can’t hack it in the top flight. And now instead of retiring he’s coming back!

  2. today pacquiao is more popular than ricky hatton, so it is necessary for him to get the bigger share of this fight..

  3. hodgy

    hatton got hammered. v.disappointing hang up the gloves hatton !!

    1. Actually i did not post any video here. It is not allowed because it is owned exclusively by some tv company or whatsoever.

  4. julianfelipe

    panget ang pag kakanta ni martin, nkaka bwisit! bakit ba kaylangang babuyin? simple-simple ng tono,marcha ang beat… mahirap bang i memorize yun?

    1. @julianfelipe, I think he done it his way. Let us give him a break.

  5. gestrella

    Buti na lang may live coverage sa cable ng pare ko na hindi pay per view kasi ayokong magbayad ng 500 sa sinehan na 2 rounds lang. Ang ganda ng coverage sa supersports channel kasi parang pay per view din pero libre. Sana man lang ang mga major cable operator ay kumuha sa channel na to.

  6. Efren Mon2 Mitra

    Congrat’s, you made it again? I am sure our kababayan will proud of you, bringging another glory? I hope you’ll succed with all your plan specially to our beloved country, that most of our leadership are craft, we need like you that turn our country into right derections, with compatitive with other nieghbooring countries that far from us. I mean we need new generation leaders to lead our country into right path. so help you god. more power to you. and God bless.

    Efren Mon2

  7. markie

    Actually, i have’nt seen the live coverage of the Pacman and Hatton’s fight today!gosh!ala pa ata sa youtube?!

  8. krysol100

    oo nga

  9. macky

    i hate how martin nievera sang the philippine national anthem. when i heard him, i was too pissed off. in the first place, he was not there to promote himself as a singer–neither to promote an album. gosh! baka naman umaasa pa s’ya na magkakaroon s’ya ng break sa international scene out of his presence at the pacquiao-hatton fight. gosh! hindi ba n’ya nalalaman na ang “lupang hinirang” ay ‘di kanta na pang-contest o pang-concert?! at ‘di ba n’ya nalalaman na may kaparusahan ang pagkanta nito ng wala sa tamang kumpas at tono. maybe this time, many people in the world are now laughing at the filipinos because of the different renditions done by those who sang the anthem in the previous fights of paquiao (partly, this is the fault of the government!) mr. nievera’s rendition should have been okay had it not been for the beginning and, especially, the ending. now, it’s just right that the government has to axe a punishment on anyone who violated the law regarding the singing/rendition of the philippine national anthem.

    1. Personally macky, I like how Martin perform and I think he did his best. IMHO. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. henYo

    ang Pangit ng laban..

    the WORST fight of the yir!


  11. clyde of cebu

    2 rounds lang si hatton

  12. ermitanyong mahilig

    every time n lng na may laban si pacman palaging may problema ako sa tv. nung kalaban niya si dela hoya, remote ko yung sira. ngayon naman, tv na tlaga yung sira! buti pa yung buong gym sa harap ng bahay naman halos magiba na sa sigawan ng mga tao. it’s unfairrrr!!! waaahhh!!!

  13. ermitanyong mahilig

    kung pumusta si charlton cabigon against pacman…. no comment na nga lang… mwehehe

  14. Xiao Yu


    Same here :3 I would like to..

  15. Euaurus


    Who won the Match?

  16. Nice Optimization.. I do hope the conversion is big enough on sunday.. Good Luck to all of us!
    Best Regards!

  17. chillex22

    I want to watch the fight live via internet.

  18. charlton

    I think paquiao will lost this fight, because this division is to big for him. . I think paquiao will knock down this bout. . charlton cabigon from philippines

  19. gestrella

    kaya nga pag laban ni Pacman, ayokong pumunta ng metro manila kasi wala live na laban

    1. gestrella, I thought they cover it in theaters for a fee? don’t they?

  20. gestrella

    Bakit sa mga provinces live ang boxing ni Pacman sa cable na di na kailangan magbayad ng pay per view. Walang wala yang skycable sa cable namin. Bat di nila kinikuha ang supersports channel. Maganda pa ang coverage kasi Americans ang mga commentator. Sa supersports channel ko na lang panoorin kaysa magbayad sa sinehan

    1. @gestrella, it is because a lot of local politicians are sponsoring this free fight shows. You know naman, malapit na! ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Eli

    its almost fight night (day!)!… everyone is excited di na makapag hintay tatay ko! hehe

  22. Pingback: Next Fight: Pacquiao vs Chavez Jr. ยซ BleuKen

  23. Pablo Diloy

    today pacquiao is more popular than ricky hatton, so it is necessary for him to get the bigger share of this fight..

    1. I seconded Pablo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. rayven

    Filipinos have always the smaller share/..?>?>?>
    pacquiao is more popular than that of hatton///

    1. for this fight I think Pacquiao got the higher share. he actually demand for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. i believe it should be at least 55-45 for pacquiao. i hope the fight happens.

    1. how I wish it too bugz. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. jon

    it doesnt matter whos the next boxer to be smashed by pacman…
    what im waiting for the pacman-tyson match!!!

    1. LOL jon! i guess it wont happen ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Wish I could watch the next match, I missed the one with Dela Hoya and I never missed any Pacquiao match except that last one…Geeez, its different to watch it live than replays.

    1. me, i just can’t wait for this next fight to come. I hope that they will pursue w/ their May fight plans. there’s a speculation that the fight might not pursue and instead Pacquiao will make a movie with Stallone, an action-comedy boxing theme movie I guess.

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