About a year from now, I established a website intended to connect Capizenios from different part of the world. I am referring to the Capiz Forum that I hosted in a free domain and hosting in HyperPHP (it is found @ http://capizforum.hyperphp.com). I only discovered last week that the site’s database used for the SMF (SMF is the forum platform I used for the said online forum), was corrupted. I want to fix it but since I already forgot  the password and the user id of the said free hosting account, I was not able to open the site again.  I am really sad about it but I can’t really find the said account on my files. I’ve done a lot of things on the site, from SEO to moderating the forum and I really feel bad about what happen on this forum site. Now, I am planning to open a new forum but I need to gather enough fund for it to build a new site for it.

Why I need such fund? Here’s the break down of the expenses that I need to acquire a new forum:

  • domain and hosting – I can shoulder this one, I can register a CapizForum.com from my account (this cost about $10 for domain and $10/month for hosting)
  • VBulletin – The license of this forum platform is $180 and it is too much for me to shoulder the whole amount.

How would I get this fund? Well, it will be either via sponsorship from a non-profit organization or donation from concern Capizenios out there 🙂 . Now, if you’re interested to provide necessary fund for this Capiz Forum, just leave your comment here with your email or contact details so we could discuss it. Let us do something for the province and this is one opportunity for us to connect all Capizenios around the world.

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  1. wailefeem

    Hi guys,
    My PC worked not correctly, many errors. Help me, please to fix buggs on my PC.
    I used Windows7.

  2. john fernandez

    hi. i am planning to settle down in roxas nxt year. may i know the names of the schools and their contact details so i can apply for teaching. thnx

  3. N/A

    I wish to share a bit of what I have to get your website back on line.

  4. alancelino

    if only to have a venue for capiznons,i want to share a little of what i have.i leave you my email add or maybe you know my place.good luck.

    1. I’ll contact you right away sir.

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