google_trends.gifA couple of minutes ago, I tried to search for any keyword on Google and the browser just return a blank result. I use the Google toolbar to send my query. I also tried to access Google with their URL but they returned a blank result. I don’t know if the problem is with my internet provider or the openDNS I am currently using for the DNS config or with Google. I checked on Yahoo and the site is just working fine. My hunch is that there’s another Google problem which the same thing that happens on the January 31 Error. Well, this “problem” only last for several minutes and if I am correct or if my guess is likely close to the reason of why this happens, Google blog will definitely release another official press release / post about this. Explaining and apologizing.

Google really seems to be very exhausted of the different pages indexed and crawled. They are maybe suffering some internal problems causing their servers not to return anything on the browser. I hope it is not another DDOS attack or human error problem. It will be a great lost for different organization around the world if Google continues with this kind of errors.

Well, let just see what will be this search engine giant will tell about this phenomena.

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14 years ago

It’s a virus. It places a 3000×2000 div so you can’t see anything unless you remove it. (You can edit any page in real-time using Firefox+Firebug)

I don’t know how to get rid of it, if anyone knows please tell us.

Note: Disabling all scripts is useless.