When I open my dashboard today, I seen this yellow bar on my screen informing me about the new minor release of WordPress which is the 2.7.1. I immediately click the Please update now hyperlink and I am glad that they have this feature for this new version. But in my surprise, the upgrade does not continue successfully it just stop on the part where the WP package was decompressed for deployment on the server. I tried it for several times and it is not working. I don’t know yet what’s the problem about this. Actually the Automatic Update Plug-in, which I previously used to upgrade my WP installation was not able to detect this new release of WordPress and it says that I have an updated installation, which is an indication that the plug-in have no really idea that there’s a change on the core of this blogging platform.

I also tried the same feature on my other WP 2.7 blog and I got the same reaction from them. Maybe the patch of WP will include the fix for this update-core feature. Oh well I might update it manually later if I will find time to. I just can’t still find any problem yet with my current installation so I might wait for the 2.8 instead. How about you, did you encounter the same problem in upgrading your current WP blogs?

Update: I successfully updated my blog to the newest upgrade version after I deactivated the auto-upgrade plug-in. Read the comments below on why I figure it out. 🙂

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14 years ago

Actually the problem lies with the automatic updates plugin conflicting with the new built in automatic update function. If you were to uninstall the auto update plugin, you will find that you can still auto update via a link in the dashboard provided by 2.7.x versions. I now no longer use the plugin.

14 years ago

mine updated just fine..