Another SEO competition  in the country was released but this is only exclusive to the native of Capiz. The competition targets the key phrase “Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009” in I am one of those who are currently supporting this event. Here are some of the entries that I am currently giving my full support:

  • My Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 entry. This is hosted in Blogspot and I personally created the theme derived from the Simpla theme of I am writing about different blogging tips on the said blog as part of the topic that I want to spread around the province. I only write it just to give some tips and winning on the competition will be a bonus but as I have said on my other posts regarding this entry. The possibility of making it rank is too low because I can’t really make anything of it in full “power” because of the current job / schedules I have – I’m working as a SEO Consultant in a company. I am not justifying my defeat on this or trying to be very defensive but people around me are expecting too much from me that’s why the pressure is on but I can’t do anything about the relieve this pressure and the only way to deal with it is bit by bit activities to push my entries.
  • Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 by Habitually. This is one of the most creative content I have ever read in the competition. He uses a fictional story about it telling about a different events derived from his wildest imagination. The guy behind this is really very creative and uses his all might to grab any prize from the challenge. This 3D specialists do really have some skills on him. (Update: change the URL of this to a different one because the original link here give-up already)
  • Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 by Clawid and GurlieMagkasamatayo, that’s what the domain of the blog is. It is a Filipino phrase which means “we are together”, which is an indication of the join forces of my two students who is practicing search engine optimization. These are champions by heart and skills who were previously champ of a local skills competition in the province in the field of IT. Now, they are fighting for a prize to win the challenge slowly and with the hindrance of a lot of obstacles of activities in school. But their entries have great potentials and this only requires a little bit push.

Later, I will feature other entries of my collegues who are wishing to prove something. My advice to those who are participating, don’t stop what you are doing right now. If you stop, you will definitely loose that grip and you will be very amazed on how other entries jump above your entries. What important on this challenge is the skills and knowledge you will gain from it. Good  luck everyone and have a nice day!

Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 Update:

03/14/2009. Some of my collegues stop from optimizing their entries just because they focus on their Adsense earnings which is sure and higher than the prize ($30-$40 per day). I can’t blame them, they are just being practical. Me, well I am focusing on my projects and giving about 30 minutes or less of time to check and do something for my entry. That’s what left of me due my different online activities. I will not stop from doing something for it because my attitude is that whenever I started something, I always make sure I will finish it.

Update: As part of the competition, I made a video specifically for it. See it below:

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James@How To Get Your Ex Back

Thanks for the superb information – I must admit I didn’t know such contests existed. I guess that’s one of the reasons reading a top class blog such as yours in so valuable to others in the field.

I must followup – It would be a great way to learn more about SEO

webslave mc'coolot
14 years ago

amazing contest! but I am such a super noob in terms of seo… if it is just a mini seo contest, i would be willing to join.. thanks anyways, might give it a try…

webslave mc'coolot
15 years ago

am back here! cool challenge in your place sir! hehe.. goodluck to all contestants! 😀

Ligoy na Bata
15 years ago

Tama po kayo sir. If u stop your entries will die. 🙂
Good Luck po sa inyo. Another big break for Capiznon Bloggers.