I’ve checked on the official website of the province of Capiz today after the internet connection came back and it seems that it was hacked by someone with a code name “netroot.” You can see from the image below that the site was “polluted” by some links of different pornographic website. (see on the image below):

capiz-gov-hackedI made a little research about this hacker and I found out that the code name of this hacker is originated in Turkey which I based it on his website that is written in Turkish. Now, what will it be the cause why the official Capiz Government website was hacked? One possibility is they (their SysAd or MIS) were not able to implement a secured site. It lacks maintenance and that’s maybe the reason why some are always getting a “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” error whenever they are visiting the site. Actually they can make this site secured but it seems that they don’t care about how the reputation of this site will be online. Maybe not yet.

Now if the Capiz government don’t have someone to maintain the site, well I could offer my service. Of course for a fee ๐Ÿ™‚ . I can make their website safe and secure from these hackers.

I am really concerned with the Capiz website and I hope they resolve this matter as soon as possible. What will I do right now is I will try to send a SMS to a friend that has “connection” inside so that he can inform the people in charge of the site and solve it immediately. What is so bad with this hacked site is that it will leave a bad reputation for the site in online community which is not good for the province tourism. I will try my best to inform those tech guys and if they need my help I am willing to give my services. If they were able to read this, which I hope, don’t get me wrong with why I post it here. I just want to inform other people that this happens on the site and you should look on this matter ASAP. – Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009


  1. [PH-h4x0r]BatDuProgrammer

    sinasabi ko lang ang totoo bro, weak naman talaga IT dito.

    1. oo nga e and I’m just wondering why the people responsible for it is not doing anything. tsk.

  2. jorge


  3. I salute you sir Bleuken for the act and the concern. Truly a Capiznon Heart. Good Luck.

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