I love chess but I can’t focus on it because of my busy schedules (SEO projects, blogging and others). Aside from that I don’t have a natural skills on puzzles and deep analysis 🙂 . I only won once when I practice in full time. Now, Capiz Chess Association Inc. (CCA) will conduct a series of chess tournament this coming months. One of the upcoming chess tournament is this game on Saturday which is a provincial chess elimination tourney. This competition will choose the team to represent the province of Capiz that will participate for the regional chess tournament that is sanctioned by NCFP. More chess competitions are inline on the coming days of CCA.

I will try to play this Saturday and try to push those pieces based only on my experiences. I will try to practice this Friday if I can, I am doing something on Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 as I mentioned on my previous post and my SEO projects. I don’t know if I could find a free time for this. If not then, come what may! 🙂 As always.

By the way this Saturday’s chess tourney is entitled “Ret Gen Roberto “Lasti” Lastimoso Cup: “General Strategy.” Aside from this, two tournaments are inline after this. I will just discuss this on detail on a Wikipedia page. I am planning to build a Wikipedia site for the Capiz Chess Association, Inc. and I might prepare this next week after I find time.

Wish me luck on the tournament this Saturday!

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