Today a new search engine optimization contest was announced. It will start on March 1, 2009 at 12 noon and you can read the details on It is open to all bloggers, search engine optimizers, specialists and any other levels of search engine optimization expertise. This competition will surely test the skills of this SEO masters. I recommend that you join this competition, noob or an expert, this will give you an opportunity to learn, apply your theories and the big possibility to earn while enjoying the rush of blood brought by competitive unpredictable results in Google. The total prize budget for this competition is about $500.00 or more than Php20,000 in cash at stake.

Actually their is an existing competition currently running today in our province called “Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009” (read my previous post about this) where I am one of the supporter and participant but this event that I am introducing today will not conflict this competition because they have different target audiences and participants. By the way, I am the one wo is organizing this competition and I hope that it will be very successful. Regarding the sponsor of this event, it is Claremont Design, a Filipino-owned web design consulting company based in Claremont, California and LA Toy Store, distributor of different kinds of toys (autism, wooden and special toys for children).

I hope that you will support this event and good luck to everyone who will participate on this challenge.

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web design toys
web design toys
15 years ago

I have modified my entry . Please look into that and let me know if it needs any more changes. The other entry hxxp:// should be okay. Please verify both and let me know if there needs to be any changes.

tnomeralc web design toys
tnomeralc web design toys
15 years ago

I will try my level best to win this contest. You could improve the contest by giving some consolation prizes. You can also have a prize for the best content or something like that.

Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009

Thanks for Organizing such an event. I have already send a list of URL which I might use for this contest. I am planning to take part in the competition. I finished second in the “Review on RefererX” SEO contest.

15 years ago

I guess this will be another story for SEO practitioners, bloggers and the like to enter on this upcoming challenge. I am pretty sure that Capiznon Bloggers will join again to try their expertise in this worldwide contest.