I will tell you today, how I build my Serzfus Startup Technology site and how it only cost me 5 dollars. I already explained about Serzfus and introduce the site last February 2015 via the page I exclusive build here at Bleuken.com which can be found via http://www.bleuken.com/serzfus-startup-technology/.

Serzfus Startup Technology (Serzf.com) is a website dedicated in providing comprehensive information about the things a starting entrepreneur should know prior to engaging to the insurmountable struggles and tough decisions that they will face in the process of bringing their business off the ground. Source: Serzf.com

If you will visit the website today, you’ll find it much faster compared to the other sites you have visit. Do you know that despite I spend only $5 when I started the site, it possesses a highly sophisticated firewall, CDN (content development network) and faster response time benefiting from the speed brought by the SSD storage of my hosting?

Well, here’s what I did in making this site possible and cost me only a small amount of money.

First, I sign-up for an account at DigitialOcean, a cloud hosting that utilizes SSD on their VPS hosting. I chose their $5 hosting which has a 512MB memory and 1 core process. It took less than 1 minute before the server is ready. They called every server you created on their site as “droplets.” I then select Ubuntu 14.04 LEMP package as a starting platform. LEMP refers to Linux, Nginx (prounced as Engine-X), MySQL and PHP.

After that, I configured Nginx and started all the services in the server. Then, after everything are working I downloaded a copy of the latest WordPress installation and install it. As you can see, I didn’t install a DNS server in my VPS instead what I did is sign-up on Cloudflare and added Serzf.com to use their service. Then, change the nameserver of my domain to use Cloudflare’s nameserver.

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With this setup, the site uses the DNS, CDN and security of Cloudflare which gives it a little bit of stability and speed. In a couple of minutes, I finished the site and cost me only five dollars. Of course, the fee for DigitalOcean is recurring monthly but since I tried their service, there are tons of things I have explored, discovered and implemented which cost more than I have spend.

If you want too to explore, discover and conduct experiments in servers prior to engaging to your production server, you can try it using DigitalOcean with a minimal cost.

Disclosure: The link going to DigitalOcean on this post (and maybe with my other posts here in Bleuken), contains an affiliate code that let me earn a credit when you sign-up. However, that doesn’t mean that I made this post because I just want to earn a credit but because I believe DigitalOcean is a great place to host for your growing websites or apps and trying them will be a great experience (that is based in my personal experience).

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