That’s right! Bleuken is now moving from Bluehost to the SSD Cloud Server of DigitalOcean. You might be wondering why I changed my hosting and goes to a big jump. Here’s why. I’ve been to Bluehost for several years already and actually my first ever hosting in my online life. I loved their CPU throttling feature because it really helps my site to cope with the sudden burst of traffic making it still more available despite the traffic spike.

However, I’ve been experiencing a lot of hassle from them in this fast few days. One thing I can’t do today is that I can’t use their FTP service. It keeps on blocking the IP address I’m using. My home internet is using a shared IP and I don’t know if that IP was blacklisted so what I did is used a different DSL connection from the office. I did connect but the problem is that I need to change the settings of the FTP program to use lower number of simultaneous connections so that it will no be blocked from getting the files I needed. I also try their “free backup tool” but every time I download the huge file, it is always corrupted or not a complete copy of the whole site. This is really a hassle in my part so what I did is move on and get a new hosting from DigitalOcean.

Here are the benefits I’ve gained from using the VPS that made me decide to shift:

  • I have full control of the server just like a dedicated server in  a cost lower than the shared hosting I’m using.
  • It is faster than the shared hosting because of the SSD.
  • I can use Nginx and not stuck with Apache
  • I can upgrade MySQL to Percona
  • I can easily change the size of the server whenever I need it with simple clicks.

If you are planning to jump out of your shared hosting like Bluehost and sign-up for a VPS, you should check the following things to consider in making this move.

  • When you move to a VPS, you are dropping CPanel and Fantastico which is  a web ui that let you easily manage your domains and hosting easily.
  • You need to know how to use SSH for you’ll be handling everything on your server via the shell.
  • Firewall is not automatically implemented on VPS, you should create your own security.
  • You will be the one to setup everything: from the web server to database server.

Now if you are decided already and want to make the big leap to the cloud of DigitalOcean, click here to SIGN-UP now! (Disclosure: If you click the link, I will earn Digital Ocean credits.)

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