Laganap: Sikat ang Pinoy My First Tagalog Site

I’ve been blogging for several years now and I use English as the primary language for my blog. This month, I have decided to build a new site that will use my native language – Filipino. The site is named as which is the Filipino equivalent of the word widespread or prevalent. It has […]

Search and Post Concerts and Upcoming Gigs Abroad at PinoyGigs

Are you looking for upcoming concerts or any Filipino events from around the globe from US, Canada, Europe and other countries? Or do you want to announce some music events, gigs and inform Pinoys about your scheduled events? Then go to It’s free and easy. You are allowed to sign-up for a free account […]

Programming NCIV Qualified, Finally!

Now its official, I recently gained a full qualification for the TESDA’s Programming NCIV which I just took last Oct. 13-14. I have mentioned on my previous post that I took this exam last May in Iloilo but I confused the NCC (National Computer Center of the Philippines – DOST) ICT Proficiency to be the […]

You will See The Real Filipino in Typhoon Ondoy

I know it’s quite late for me to talk about the typhoon Ondoy because it already passed and typhoon Pepeng already made the NDCC (National Disaster Coordinating Council) of the country declared a state of calamity for the whole Philippines. But, I better talked about it rather than discussing things about oes tsetnoc (an international […]