If you have a personal WordPress site like this blog and you want to transfer from a slow shared hosting website whose facilities are not upgraded to keep up with the latest demand in web services, then you might want to consider the following fast but cheap SSD web hosting services for your website.

  • Namecheap SSD Shared Hosting
  • Z Hosting – this the web hosting services of this site. Previously, I was on Digital Ocean but later decided to change my hosting to a much cheaper but with almost the same capability and capacity with the mentioned hosting. With Z.com, I spend about Php 59.00/month (about $1+) and utilizing the power and speed of SSD web hosting. However, unlike in DigitalOcean, I am stuck with Apache + CPanel setup which is not a big deal for my site now since I don’t need for now to have Nginx setup for my site. With this transfer to this new hosting, I didn’t felt any difference with my previous hosting. I just need some small adjustments so that the site will work with my previous setup. SSH service is also available with this hosting and this helped me to transfer my site easily.
  • Digital Ocean – You can spend about $5/month for the service of this hosting. It’s cheap but it got the power of expensive VPS out there. It is so flexible that you can select any platform that you want for your web app, site or service. Its on SSD so its fast compared to hosting sites that does not use SSD as their storage medium.

Later, I will add more affordable hosting sites that I personally used for my site. For the meantime, check these web hosting and take note if you click on Z I might earn from it via a referral link.

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