Microsoft Azure Services Platform Revealed

Microsoft unveils the new services that they offer for developers all over the world. It will help developers to build next generation applications that extent from the “cloud” to the enterprise datacenter and deliver compelling new experiences across the PC, Web and phone. Ray Ozzie, who replaced Bill Gates last 2006, lead Microsoft’s push to […]

Global Anti-Piracy Day Announced by Microsoft

Last October 21, 2008, Microsoft announces the “Global Anti-Piracy Day” to highlight the collaborative efforts to protect Microsoft’s partners and consumers from software counterfeiting and piracy. They provide a 24-hour snapshot of the types of education initiatives and law enforcement actions aimed at tackling piracy and promoting respect for intellectual property that take place on […]

Microsoft Supports Apache

At OSCON (Open Source Convention) 2008, Microsoft announced their Sponsorship of The Apache Software Foundation, joining Google and Yahoo! at Platinum level. The generous contributions by Sponsoring organizations and individuals help offset the day-to-day operating expenses to advance the work of The ASF. – Microsoft being one of the owner of great software in […]

Yahoo and Microsoft?

Today, I’ve checked the traffic of my website and seen how Yahoo! helps me with the traffic (of course 2nd only to Google). Almost all the referrers for this website came from Yahoo’s search result pages and I’m really thankful that my site started to become more visible on the net. Because of this “slurping […]