WordPress Does Not Work After PHP 7 Update : Conflicts, Issues and Fixes

I have mentioned on my Facebook/Twitter post about the PHP 7 update and how I successfully compiled it after an error (see: Error Compiling PHP 7). After I restarted PHP-FPM, my site Bleuken.com does not load anymore and shows a 502 Bad Gateway error in the browser. What I did to fix this is I […]

How to Change Your WordPress Permalink Without 404 Errors?

There are some cases that you want to change the permalink of your wordpress. Maybe for SEO reasons or whatever. In my case, I changed it from the custom permalink “%postname%-%year%%monthnum%%day%” to the usual “%postname%” permalink structure since the latter structure is much “TIME” friendly compare to my old structure. Time friendly because, the old […]

How to Install Memcached and Use It with Your WordPress via W3 Total Cache on CentOS

If you have a dedicated server or a VPS with CentOS and wants to make the server performance much better than your current with your WordPress sites, then you might want to try to make use of the memcached feature of W3 Total Cache. Nah, you should not immediately go to settings of the plug-in […]