I have mentioned on my Facebook/Twitter post about the PHP 7 update and how I successfully compiled it after an error (see: Error Compiling PHP 7). After I restarted PHP-FPM, my site Bleuken.com does not load anymore and shows a 502 Bad Gateway error in the browser. What I did to fix this is I revert back the configuration of my PHP from unix socket to TCP socket.

The testfile.php I made did executed after this which indicates that Nginx can now get something out from PHP. However, a 500 server error shows after this and to check the issue, I turned on the “Debugging mode” of WordPress to see plug-in or theme conflicts.

I found out that there are plugins that causes fatal error and removed them immediately. Here are some of the plug-ins that generates fatal error after the PHP7 update.

  • Facebook Social Plugin
  • DW Question & Answer Plugin
  • Custom Field Permalink – this does not work anymore since preg_replace() was deprecated and was replaced by preg_replace_callback(). Aside from that the author of this plugin stop from updating it to cope with the change.

    If you find plugins or themes that causes issue for your WordPress not to work properly with the new PHP7 update, please leave your comments below.

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