Here are some of the SEO practices that I believe that really matters in making your site to have better ranking in search engines.

  1. Using relevant and non-spammy title in pages of the site. Not just a title, it should be relevant to the page where it resides. Pick a title that best suits to the page and avoid stuffing it too much with your target keywords. Make it ‘catchy’ so that it attracts more clicks compared to ‘tasteless’ titles of the competitors which might be ranking higher than you.
  2. Making sure that the site is search engine readable and visible.Quality and quantity becomes useless if the pages of your site are not visible to search engines. Make sure it can be indexed properly by checking the entries on the robots.txt and listing all the pages in the sitemap feed. A small blunder in this small detail can cause a  long lasting indexing and ranking problems. Also, make sure that everything that you show to your visitors should be visible to search engines too and vise versa.
  3. Creating rich and high quality contents. Make use of the videos, images, and words to make sure that your contents are with great quality, rich and unique .  Avoid duplication and try to be original.
  4. Checking the site’s speed and responsiveness. Speed kills. In SEO, slow and sluggish websites can contribute to the ‘slow death’ of the site in search engines. The responsiveness and speed of the site contributes a lot in the user experience and have  a great effect in the bounce rate of the site. People wouldn’t stay nor return to your site if they feel this inconvenience and might avoid your site even it ranks. Also, search engine crawlers today can identify if the site can handle requests efficiently and adjust their crawling frequency according to your site’s capacity to respond to requests.
  5. Designing the site’s structure properly. Make sure that the site can be easily navigated by both human and search engine bots. Utilize proper menu breadcrumbs, and sitemap. Make sure that every page can be accessed via visible and search engine ‘crawlable‘ link.
  6. Avoiding the creation of backlinks by simply dropping links to just anywhere. Link does matter in making your site to rank better in the search engine but remember it should be quality and relevant backlinks. Quantity can be outdone by quality here so choose your links wisely!
  7. Providing a mobile-friendly design for users. Accept it, most of internet users today are in mobile so design your site to cater to these audiences. Search engines might drop your site from the results in mobile searches if they believe that your site is not mobile-friendly. Aside from that, non-mobile ready sites are hard to navigate in mobile mode and affects the user experience on the site. Remember, search engines are focusing on user experiences in their ranking signals and you should pay attention to this.
  8. Reading the search engine guidelines and abiding to it. Rules are made to be followed and you should. These guidelines list all the to do’s and don’ts in SEO practices so you better have an idea of this to avoid tons of pitfalls and issues later.

Now, if you don’t have time to do the on-site auditing of your site for issues and/or perform off-site SEO activities for your websites, you can hire me, a SEO specialist from Roxas City, Capiz Philippines. I can provide SEO consultancy / expert SEO services for your company. Just send me an email. Please see the ‘About Page‘ for my contact details.

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