Pacquiao versus Soto

After the world record breaking history made by Manny Pacquiao on the ring on his last fight with Diaz, another boxing battle event is about to begin. It is expected that by November 15, Pacquiao will fight Humberto Soto with his lightweight belt at stake if Pacquiao decided to give up with his super featherweight […]

Pacquiao did it again!

Today, a new lightweight champion on boxing world was announce. Manny Pacquiao stole the belt from Diaz today with a knock-out on round 9 of the match. Pacquiao give another honor to the country and holds the only record. The record in boxing which is holding 4 boxing belts. He rewrite the history of boxing […]

Blitz Winner

For the second time around this year, I won a Blitz Tournament in Roxas City, Capiz. It’s a small chess tournament held in Roxas City Plaza in a best of 2 knock-out system tournament format with a time control of 10 minutes each players. My last opponent on the game was Mr. George Aman from […]