I Am Into Chrome Lately

Lately, I’ve been using Google Chrome a lot compared to the usual browser that I use which is the Mozilla Firefox. Its because I always suffer slow down and sudden freezing of my PC whenever I open Firefox. My time is so valuable that I just can’t wait for the Firefox to load. I don’t […]

Google Chrome OS Introduced!

An upcoming lightweight and an open-source operating system from Google was announced today. They call it as “Google Chrome OS,” which is the natural extension of their previously released browser: Google Chrome. This new operating system from the number one search engine company today will be possessing the same quality that the company was known […]

No More Google Chrome Beta

It’s been 100 days after the release of Google Chrome Beta and finally Google released a new Chrome without the Beta tag. They have successfully reached the stability and overall performance that they have been working for several months for the development of the browser. Here are some of the improvements and fixes that they […]

Where to Find Custom Magento eCommerce Designers and Magento SEO Services?

If you are planning to bring your business online and wants to have an online store that contains rich features that is appropriate to your operation needs then one of the ecommerce software that you can consider is Magento. Magento is an open source eCommerce platform that allows online merchants to bring their products online […]