Updated! Love watching movies and TV series with your computer, mobile phones, smart TV or tablets? Well, check the following streaming services in the Philippines that let you watch TV Series and Movies online for free.

  • Netflix
  • Primevideo
  • iFlix
  • Fox+
  • Hooq
  • Youtube
  • ABS-CBN iWantTV
  • Viu
  1. Netflix – I think the most popular streaming app in the world and I guess no one will argue with that. It was launched in the Philippines in 2016 and feature American films and TV show titles.
    • Pros. Tons of free TV shows and movies to watch. The NETFLIX Originals both movies and series rocks. Video streaming are available in SD, HD, and 4K quality which is awesome in my Samsung Smart UHDTV. Stream really fast and it does not lag with my 5MBps internet connection even my kids are playing online and watching videos on Youtube. App of Netflix is available on both Android and Tizen devices. Most of the films featured got subtitles specially non-English one. Its resume capability is awesome allowing you to return to any portion of the video that you’re watching without the hassle of seeking it or restarting the video again. A lot of Filipino TV series and Asian films are available in the streaming platforms today.
    • Cons.  I didn’t find a lot of Asian movies and TV Shows on the Netflix list so don’t expect Filipino series or films on the said streaming platform.
    • Price. 30 days FREE trial. After the trial: P370 (basic, where you can stream using one device in standard definition / SD only), P460 (standard, let you watch on two devices at the same time with high definition) to P550 (premium, which let you stream in four devices and got a ultra high definition or 4K streaming)
    • Official URL: http://www.netflix.com
  2. Primevideo. This is an online streaming platform from Amazon.  The service offers great movies and original TV shows at a cost of P149/month only. Originally it cost more than that but lately they cut the price.  They offer 7 day trial and some telecom companies are offering free 6 months subscription if you dive in to their postpaid plans. What I like about this platform is their app is still available and being updated in my old Smart TV with Tizen OS. It seems their service where optimized to cater Asian viewers like the Philippines. 
  3. iFlix. This is the first online streaming app I used after I got my PLDT DSL reconnected. PLDT gave me a 1 year free iFlix subscription as a freebie after applying online. I don’t know if this promo is still available but I was so happy when I received the subscription code via my email. I watched Mr. Robot series here.
    • Pros. They feature a lot of Asian films and TV Shows but also US  films and series. Their app is also available both on Android and Tizen devices.
    • Cons. Some titles, especially non-English videos does not have English subtitle so even you want to watch movies from Malaysia or India, you can but you will not understand them. 🙂 You will be very frustrated especially if you really want to watch the movie or the show and the language barrier prevents you from doing so.
    • Price. Got 30 days free trial. After the trial: P129/month
  4. Fox+. I downloaded this app because I was planning to watch APB from this app but sadly, I wasn’t able to find it on the app but I ended watching Pierce Brosnan’s I.T. movie.
    • Pros. There’s a lot of movies that it feature that are not available on iFlix / Netflix and got pretty decent interface. Got live TV but actually I didn’t try it yet.
    • Cons. App is not available on my Samsung TV that uses Tizen as OS so I was left to use the Smart View (screen mirroring) feature of my Android phone to watch videos on larger screen.
    • Price. 30 days free trial. After the trial: P390/month
  5. Hooq. I tried this app ‘coz I can’t find horror movies to watch anymore on Netflix and iFlix. So I installed it on my phone to browse and find interesting Pinoy horror films that I want to watch but…
    • Pros. Tons of Filipino movies and TV shows to watch online. Very cheap subscription. Let you rent new movies.
    • Cons. It is not available on Tizen OS devices like my TV so I need to use my Android phone. The sad part is that it does not allow videos to be mirrored on TV. It shows error that it does not allow external devices to view the video when I tried to use the Smart View feature of my phone. I was left to use my old Android TV box so that I can watch it on my TV. The problem now is it is laggy and pixelated. I didn’t even finish watching the movie that I am watching. It doesn’t continue playing and just show an error that is asking me to contact their customer service if the issue persist. So what I did is uninstall the app and reinstall it again and replay the video.
    • Price. 7 days free trial. After Free Trial:  P59/7 days, P149/30 days, P369/90 days, P729/180 days, P1339/360 days.
  6. Youtube – of course you can watch a lot video from this Google video service but unlike the previous streaming sites, Youtube’s video are user contributed. You’re lucky if you find a channel that uploads your favorite show. They also have this premium service but you need to pay for each movies (about P180/movie). Some TV networks in the Philippines are uploading some videos of their shows on their official channel like some GMA7’s Bubble Gang funny episodes is on their official Youtube channel and you can stream them for free.
  7. ABS CBN’s iWantTV – this is a place where you can watch your favorite shows on ABS CBN. A lot of regular shows of the channel are provided here for free and they just mark them with Premium Access or Exclusive Access. The problem with the free service is that you can only watch the last 3 episodes of the telenovela that you want to watch. Oh well, you have no choice ‘coz this app is the only app that features the shows. Even NetFlix nor iFlix have ABS CBN titles  on their list.
  8. VIU. If you love anime, K-drama, Korean and Pinoy novelas then this streaming is for you. The platform is so affordable that you will definitely hooked in to their service. Aside from tons of shows to choose from, they offers series that are dubbed to local language so you can watch your anime or favorite shows in Filipino dialect and not stuck at the bottom of the screen for the subtitle. It only cost  P49 (less than a dollar) for the first 3 months and can be renewed at P129/month. They also offer annual subscription for P999 and can have a free subscription whenever you dive in to new or renewal of your postpaid plans or home fiber. Most of Smart TV on Android platform have this app but my Tizen TV does not support this streaming service so this is just one reason I’m not using this platform.

You will know if you’re ready to pay for the subscription if you love their services and you will never know if you will never try these streaming services available in the Philippines. Of course this services requires you to have a decent broadband service and in my case, I’m enjoying these video watching with my 5Mbps DSL.

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