The Filipino boxing champ, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao (58-6-2, 38 KOs) is back in Las Vegas, Nevada to feature a world class boxing event where he defends his World Boxing Association welterweight championship title against the American boxer, Adrien “The Problem” Broner. Boxing fans are expected an explosive clashes between two great punchers of all time. 

Pacquiao is known for his destructive punches that made him popular all over the world. He made a lot of great boxers to kiss the canvass with his power and speed then reign 8 boxing divisions. Meanwhile, Adrien Broner also made himself known to boxing world and put his name to the list of “The Ring” magazine as the World’s fifth best active boxer, pound for pound.

Pacquiao vs. Broner

This boxing match is said to be a pre-fight event before the next fight of the century featuring a Pacquiao-Mayweather rematch and Floyd Mayweather is expected to watch this fight and the outcome of this event will lead to what will happen next in the boxing world.

The following are places online where you can watch Pacquiao vs Broner fight online beginning February 19, 9PM EST / 6PM PT / February 20th at 9AM Philippine Standard Time:

  • SKY – if you are in the Philippines, you can subscribe or buy a pay per view from this provider. You can visit their website HERE to subscribe and see details about the boxing event.
  • GMA7 – this is a local TV network in the Philippines. If you’re not in the mood to pay 🙂 or simply can tolerate tons of commercial breaks and delayed telecast of the fight, then this option is for you. In my case, if I have no option at all, I will go with this.
  • Showtime PPV – fans from the United States or from other countries like China, Indonesia, etc. can buy PPV for $74.99 to watch Pacquiao-Broner fight without commercial breaks through their mobile, TV or web App. Visit the official site HERE to see other ways to buy the live stream of this boxing match.
  • Other unreliable but free boxing live streaming online. You can try your luck searching for Pacquiao vs. Broner live stream via different sources which is sometimes featured by websites like:  or the like. Simply visit the website, check the comment section of the official post: Pacquiao vs. Broner, then ignore the tons of pop ads and banner ads on the site and then there it is, a live stream which sometimes being stopped in the middle of the fight when got caught by web admins for unauthorized streaming. I don’t recommend this option but if you don’t care about a “not so good experience” watching the fight, then you might want this one.  You might also want to check out the live streams of some Pacquiao fans on Facebook. Sometimes some of those people in FB with faster internet connection share their PPV via a live streaming session on the said social media platform. Of course this is not reliable too since sometimes, you’ll see them jumping in front of a television while watching the fight and you will definitely some of the great fight highlights. Well its your choice.

Watch Pacquiao vs. Broner fight final press conference and face-off video below:

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