Matt Cutts
Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is the current head of the web spam team of Google and the author of the first version of SafeSearch which is Google’s “family filter.” I usually read his blog to look for new things about the search engine and I usually find answers about things that I use for my SEO stuff. Now, I found out that we can chat with him this coming October 22, 9AM PDT (its October 23, 12 A.M. in the Philippines – and I will prepare my coffee cup for this). Aside from him other known Google personalities will be chatting on this once in a lifetime event. Matt Cutts will be chatting from Mountain View then John Mueller from Zurich and Kaspar Szymanski in Dublin.

This will be a great opportunity for us to ask several questions about some beliefs and about how the search engines treat our websites. I will ask him if I will be given opportunity to raise some questions regarding search engine optimization because I want to clear something to him regarding how they deal the spamming on Google and the so-called “Black Hat SEO”. If you want to join the said chat event with this people, just visit the Official Google Webmaster Central site to register. Here is the post of the site so that you could register now and read more about the detail of this online live chat ,

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