Today Apple announced on their website (which can be found at that they have determined that the previously released iPhone 3G ultracompact USB power adapter were faulty and might cause an electric shock risk. Actually there’s no reported incident or accident yet that involved this released accessory of iPhone 3G. In this connection Apple urge iPhone users to replace the USB power adapter that they have purchased. According to the website the exchange program of this adapter will start by October 10 this year.

How can you determine if you have purchased the faulty iPhone 3G ultracompact USB Power adapter? Well, the new adapter that will replace the adapter with a problem has a green dot on the device (as shown on the picture). So if you don’t have that green DOT on your adapter, don’t use it to avoid the problems that may cause you later. Instead wait for the 10th of October and exchange it to Apple’s nearest retail store or via Apples’ website.

I think here in the Philippines we don’t have that problems yet because were are not on the list of countries who were affected by this release of adapter. My advice for iPhone 3G or iPod Touch user like me, use the original accessories from Apple to avoid untoward incidents to happen with your device and at least avail a replacement or technical support from them.

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