Before I start the steps on updating your Samsung Galaxy Tab to the latest firmware, I would like to say thank you first to Julio – the guy that reminds me of the availability of Gingerbread 2.3.3 via Samsung Kies. Thank you man! If you didn’t told me about it, I have never update my tab and it will just rot with the old sticky Android OS. Honestly, I am about to give up my tab but after I updated it, I changed my mind and begin to love it again.

Now, let  us go to the steps on how to start the update.

  1. First, download the newest version of Samsung Kies from Samsung’s website. Me, I downloaded the latest version >>HERE.<<
  2. Next, install the Samsung Kies.
  3. Attach the USB Cable of your tab.
  4. After it was detected, Kies will detect you tab if it got the latest firmware. Then it will ask you to update the firmware.
  5. I recommend that you should not bypass the BACK-UP routine.
  6. Make sure the batteries of the tab are full. Actually, before doing IT, there are some words of warning from Kies on what to do first before proceeding.
  7. Then, if every preparations are properly in place, click the button to proceed the download of the latest firmware. It will take 5-10 minutes to download then install the latest firmware. Make sure that you avoid interruption with the connection of your tab to your PC so that you will avoid possible issues on the update.
  8. Once you’re done, your tab will reboot and will show the logo of SAMSUNG and you will see the new Build Number: GINGERBREAD.DXJPI on the “About Device” of your settings page.
What’s new with the firmware? Well, honestly I didn’t try the whole features yet but the first thing that I have noticed  is the responsiveness of the system compared to the previous UI. It is much faster.
I’m still checking, and testing the device again and I’ll just update this post  when I found some issues regarding the update.
I guess, Julio can share again here some stuff he experienced from the update and I’ll be waiting for his comment … 😉
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11 years ago

i always get this message when trying to update

cannot access the model information server. try later.

what should I do?

11 years ago

Hi Bleuken!

I’m Pierre from Iloilo City. I frequent Roxas City and I would like to meet you one of these days.

I was browsing the web looking for reviews on the Galaxy Tab and after I came across your site and read your articles, I am more convinced that the Tab is the device for me.

I would like to ask for more of your opinions before I purchase my Tab in the next few days.

Thanks a lot, and looking for your response, soon.

Best regards.